Eric Withakay

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Eric Withakay

Notable Traits: Neonate Ventrue Manager of San Antonio Respected Dignitas

Society Camarilla

Acknowledged as Camarilla
Primogen of the Ventrue in San Antonio
Loyal by Mad Dog Jack

Clan: Ventrue
House: House Al-Karami
Lineage: Maryam al-Karami
Arnvald Torstein
Andrew Janick
William Leander
Nicole Brannigan


Eric was born in 1960 and raised in New York City. He doesn't talk much about his mortal life, but has hinted at a wild youth. He was embraced by Nicole Brannigan in the early 90s and passed his period of Agoge by gaining influence with the Catholic Churches which has set a pattern for him to use the Churches as a control and influence lever in every city he has lived in. Since the completion of his Agoge, he has spent his time doing odd jobs for the clan and the family as requested and required. recently he was asked to go to San Antonio, TX and learn why there were no Ventrue in the city.


  • Known to hate the Dallas Cowboys and love the NY Giants
  • Known to have Aura of Command
  • Came to San Antonio to find out why there aren't any Ventrue living there


  • Yes, I can clean up the mess with the mortals

OOC Information

Player: David C. Broussard

Player Email:

Storyteller: Nancy Duenas

Storyteller Email:

Location: San Antonio, TX