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There are few things more important then having a little money in your pocket. One of them is having a LOT of money in your pocket!


"The Accountant is a respectable station charged with one task. Ensure the family honors its debts, and collects its due."


  • It goes without saying this is a summary of general information, almost anyone that digs the minimal amount would be able to uncover*

Mortal Life Contributions: Born Erik Dunsirn to a Wealthy Scottish family in 1807. Private Schools, Expensive Tutelage, and Silver spoons Forged Discipline into this M.B.A. Graduate from Cambridge University. In 1831, Erik put up his Trust fund, risking it all when he Founded Dunsirn and Bradstreet Railways. At its peak, it consisted of 14 miles of track in southern Scotland transporting wares to and from England with over 120 customers. In the early 1840s, Parliament directed that the 133 separate rail companies condense, into 4. Dunsirn and Bradstreet Railways was Amalgamated and Erik forced to sell his holdings in his lifes work. This was the first of many setbacks in his journey for wealth. It was in this same decade (1846) that, Erik, received the Proxy Kiss.

Ghoul Life Contributions: Pain. Gnashing of teeth. Horrid and unspeakable acts of Darkness enveloped Eriks' Life after the Proxy Kiss. Don't make the mistake of asking him about his time as a 'soldier'.

The Embrace: The Year is 1929. Erik, now in the United States, sees Legal consumption and possession of Alcohol come to an end. Albeit temporarily. His time as a ghoul, also, has come to an end.


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Historical Events Witnessed

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Kindred Allies


  • "If you cant afford to buy it twice. You cant afford it!" - Erik Dunsirn

"I do not like clowns." -Erik Dunsirn
"Why? Do they scare you" - random conversationalist
"No. They taste funny." -Erik Dunsirn