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Character Description


Name: Detective Erin Murray


Deed Name: Handbreaker

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 31

Height: 5ft 7'

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Tribe: Gurahl / Mountain Guardian

Rank: Fostern

Auspice: Uzmati

Breed: Homid

Occupation: Homicide Detective at San Juan’s Police Department.

City: Port O'Connor, Texas.


Erin Murray is a homicide detective with one hell of a stubborn streak. Quick to anger, sometimes her judgment is clouded and it is only till her anger has gone that she can see the error of her ways. Despite her quick temper, and overall prickliness Erin is very protective of the people she does let close.

Life had been normal, average until she was 18. On what should have been a normal, somewhat challenging hiking trip she lost her footing and fell near 400ft off the side of a mountain. She should have died however the sudden surge of fear and need to survive forced her first change. As her father, another Gurahl and her mother, a kinfolk explained what happened she began accepting her fate.

Known for her quick temper, even from an early age it took a number of months for her to find a Buri-Jaan to take her under their wing and teach her the ways of her people. Splitting time between school and her Buri-Jaan teachings there were many a meltdown and violent transformations within the mountains near her home. It was a difficult time but just as she was getting ready to go into the Police training she parted ways with her Buri-Jaan ending her Arcas phase and beginning her time as an Uzmati.

Having finished training and eventually being promoted to Detective. Erin now finds herself accepting a transfer offer to San Juan and hopefully begin to set some roots down.

After spending some time in San Juan, Erin accepts another transfer to Texa, Matagorda Island. Now part of a fera and kinfolk sept she is focusing on protecting those she can while still working on her temper.

Time Line


- Born 1987

- 2005: First change happens on a hiking trip.

- 2006: Gallivant begins, under the tutelage of her Buri-Jaan. Marking the beginning of her Arcas.

- Late 2006: Studies for her bachelor degree in Forensic Science.

- 2008: Begins police training.

- Late 2008: Saying farewell to her Buri-Jaan her time as Arcas ends and her time as Uzmati begins.

- October 2014: Meets ICE-Br34ER at a precinct Halloween party, became friends.

- 2016: Passes promotion and is promoted to detective.

- 2018: Transfers to Puerto Rico, San Juan’s Homicide Department.

- 2019: Accepts police transfer. Moves to Texas, Matagorda Island.


- Erin has been asleep this whole time. The police story is just a cover-up. She is older then she seems.

- Her turning up is either a good sign or one hell of a bad sign.

- Gurahl? Please, she is just an angry, overworked woman.

- She loves to go Bear-foot when wandering.

- Most people can BEARly believe she's friends with a Ragabash.

- Strangely always seems to have cat hairs on her clothing, despite her saying she has no pets.

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"She's grumpy at times, but she's alright, got a good analytical mind and commands authority. Plus she loves ice cream. What's not to like for a friend?" - DC

"She totally rocks a pair of devil wings and horns, I tell you." - ICE-BR34KR

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Friends / Allies

- DC

- Skuld


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OOC Information

Player: Kate Wadey

Story Teller: VST

Location: Virtual, TX

Thank you Cali C. For the format of this wiki!