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“Nobility it defined by what you do, not who you are.”

The Story is in the Details


Name: Esperanza de Capillas
Goes by: Esperanza, Doña
Notable Traits: Angelic Visage
Embrace: 1800
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra


Esperanza is a short Lasombra, whose pale skin lends to the overall Angelic Visage. When among the Sabbat, she dresses in the black and red so common in her Clan. While the exact composition of the clothing may change, she usually wears fitted pants and boots and tends towards a short jacket in recent nights, though longer jackets have been favored in the past. Regardless, her eyes are usually shielded with a black cordobes hat and a rose is pinned in her red hair, leading some to mistake her for a Toreador. They rarely do so twice.

She speaks in a low tone and rather quietly, an even and steady presence. Her firm posture and stern expression give her an air of severity, though this may soften some when speaking to those who are young.


Esperanza de Capillas was a Spanish noblewoman from Basque Country when she moved with her husband and small children to claim the land granted to them by the Crown of Spain in the colony of Alta California. There, she and her family managed a large hacienda and she developed a deep love for the area. When California fought for self-governance and entrance into the United States, Esperanza, her husband, and her children were vocal supporters and provided resources to those who could make it happen. Her husband, many years her senior, died before he saw his dream realized.

Rather than crumple at the loss of her beloved spouse, she rose through it, guiding a grieving family and managing the business. These are the qualities that attracted her sire and she was embraced into the nobility of the Lasombra and the Sabbat. Some of the messages she learned along the way did not sit well with her, however, and when she was released from her Accounting, she found herself back where she had been, in California, fighting for statehood. After California achieved its goal, she moves on to New Mexico Territory, establishing a ranch while she supported their struggle. She lived briefly in Wyoming after New Mexico and Arizona entered into the Union, then turned her sights to the plight of Alaska.

All the while, she became a devoted follower of the Ritae of the Sabbat and a member of the Orthodoxy. The views of many of her Clan on the place of the antitribu have never sat well and it served her nature to never be around too many at a given time, though when the Clan calls, she responds. Too, she has an affinity for cattle and their needs demand she lives an unlife that is somewhat isolated, traveling to celebrate the Sect's holidays and rites but living night-to-night far from the city centers that provide easy food and influence. Her pack is usually made of those who need guidance or to learn and she's collected a number of shovelheads over the years, teaching them until they become True Sabbat, then keeping them until they find the road they are meant to walk. Even when they move on to other things, she remains, always steady, looking for those who need time and guidance.

The Lies We Tell:

*Esperanza's isolation from her Clan is not voluntary, but an imposed exile for her refusal to adopt their views.
*Esperanza comes from a family as antithetical to the Clan as she is.
* Rumor
* Rumor

Allies and Enemies



What They Say:

RP Opportunities

I'm always looking for a good story complication. So contact me!

*Former packmates, especially when they were young or new to the Sabbat.
*Those who may have struggled with their faith in the Sabbat.
*Fellow Lasombra who may or may not be fond of the way Esperanza interacts with the antitribu.
*Other options!


Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Position: None
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 9th
Lineage: Text

OOC Information

Player: Jenn Eiland
Email: Jenn
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Storyteller: Bryan Lee Briggs
Contact: [1]
Pronouns: Esperanza's pronouns are she/her
Wiki Stylings of: Courtney Bailey
Add'l Edits by: Beth Moore & Abby Estes


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