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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

H.P. Lovecraft

The Essex Diocese is the closest Sabbat holding to the Camarilla Domain of Boston. It is the border post between the civilization and safety of the city and the menace of the wild dark places.

Cities offer respite form the dangers and uncertainty of the world. The towns that make up Essex county are small outposts between shadowy stretches of unknown horrors that hide in the lost and forgotten wilds of Northern Massachusetts.

When the Red Star signaled the end times the forces of the Sabbat mobilized south to wage war on their ancient adversaries of the Camarilla. Leaving behind them their homes and holdings in hopes of conquering the prize of the shining city. As the war raged on and the losses mounted, the areas where the Sabbat held sway fell from their grasp, the presence of their former masters forgotten.

Only a scant few members of the Sword of Caine survived the “End Times,” most huddling in the few “cities” that call Essex County home. A small Sabbat stronghold still exists in Lawrence overseen by the Bishop of the Kine who stands as the last member of the clergy that did not fall in the war on the Camarilla.

Now in the Shadow of the Blood Accords the Sabbat have returned to their ancestral homes to lick their wounds and strengthen their numbers. They await the end of the Accord and the return of the war on their elders.


VSS Wiki: Essex Diocese, Eldritch Shores
VSS Boundaries: Essex County, Massachusetts, withholding Salem, Peabody, Marblehead, Clifton, Swampscott, and Lynn.
VST Name: Matthew Bosse
VST E-mail:
Domain Code: MA-003-D Shattered Antiquities
Theme: Eldritch Horror, Fear of the Unknown
Mood: Mystery, Deception, Vulnerability
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Play Style

VSS Ratings

  • Action (combat and challenges): 3
  • Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices): 4
  • Darkness (PC corruption and moral challenges): 5
  • Death (PC death and destruction): 3
  • Drama (ceremony and emotional engagement): 4
  • Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 4
  • Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure): 2
  • Mystery (enigmas and investigations): 5

Player Versus... Ratings

  • PvP Social/Political: 3
  • PvP Violence/Combat : 3
  • PvE Social/Political: 3
  • PvE Violence/Combat: 3

City Description

Domain Ownership

The NHMA Sabbat VSS is a Sabbat Diocese consisting of Essex County Massachusetts excluding the towns of Salem, Peabody, Marblehead, Clifton, Swampscott, and Lynn. The towns of Peabody, Salem, and Wakefield form a no-man's land between the Sabbat Diocese and the nearby Camarilla Praxis.

Diocese Boundaries

The Essex Diocese has been historically broken into six territories overseen by the local Bishops and their Revenant family servants.

  • The Southern Border: Beverly, Danvers, Middleton, Ballerdale, Tewksbury
  • The Southern Bay: Manchester-By-The-Sea, Gloucester, Rockport
  • The Central Territories: Hamilton, Wenham, Topsfield, Boxford, Georgetown, Groveland, West Newbury
  • The Populace: Haverhill, Lawerance, Methuen, Andover
  • The Northern Bay: Essex, Ipswich, Rowley, Newbury, Plum Island, Newburyport
  • The Northern Border: Salisbury, Amesbury, Merrimac

The Northern Border matches the mortal border between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The Southern border runs along the cities established as no-man's land. The Western Border ends at the mortal city limits of Methuen, Andover, and Tewksbury.

This entails the non-excluded parts of Essex county, with the addition of Tewksbury from Middlesex county.

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain

The Essex Diocese is an exclusively Sabbat held area. Non-Sabbat PCs are not allowed to reside in nor act within the borders.

NPC antagonists may exists from among the ranks of the Anarch, Independent Alliance, or Unaligned.

No Camarilla presence exists within the Diocese.

Game Mechanics

Experience Awards

  • Live Game: 6 exp
  • Downtime Actions: 4 exp

Active Check-In and See-No-Evil

As this venue will be focusing on darker themes the active check in system will be utilized at all live games.

  • Players may use the “OK” symbol at anytime to check on the state of their fellow players.
  • A “thumbs up” response will allow play to continue. A “level hand” response will pause play while the players needs are addressed.
  • A “thumbs down” response will stop play so that the players needs may be addressed and the storytelling staff will be notified.
  • Players may also issue a “double thumbs up” response indicating that they are enjoying the current play and would like more.
  • Players do not need to be given an “OK” check-in, but may offer any of the previous hand signs in response to play.
  • Players may find themselves entering situations they are not comfortable with. In these instances, the “See no evil” hand gesture may be used and the player may leave the scene freely.

Players may not use these systems to avoid the ramifications of their characters actions. They are intended to provide for player safety and well being. If a player's character is being affected by in-character actions but the player needs to leave the scene, when the player is comfortable addressing the issue, the storytelling staff will act as a mediator to help care for the player and resolve the needs of the story.

Player health and well being shall always take precedence over play. Players are more important than the game.

Character Sheet and Approvals

Players will have a physical copy of their character sheet with them for all live play events. All players will present their character sheet to the storyteller before entering game. No item, status, power, skill, etc. may be used in game unless it is reflected on the character sheet that is presented to the storyteller. Any change to a character shall require at minimum low approval and is therefore subject to storyteller discretion. Character sheets and experience logs are expected to be up to date and match any character information entered into the database.

Paths of Enlightenment

It is to be expected that characters in the Sabbat will often be followers of a path of enlightenment. If you are playing a character on a path you are to visually represent this through costuming and role play. It should be immediately apparent to your fellow players and the storytelling staff that your character follows a path. Failure to accurately represent a character's path may result on the path being removed or the character being removed from play.

Character History and Local Political Affiliations

The Sabbat have a history of political factions and self identification. In Essex county the Sabbat have additional social affiliations. These are not chosen by the character but are determined based on a given character's history. These social classes have no mechanical affect but do influence how NPCs will view the character and should be used by the players to enrich inter-character role-play. The classes are as follows:

  • Founder: You are one of the original settlers of the region. You have lived here for centuries and have deep roots in the area. Many of the accomplishment (and failures) of the Sabbat would not have been possible without you. Characters and NPCs know of you and have a strong opinion of you. For good or bad you've made a name for yourself.
  • Native Son / Daughter: You are a part of the family. You were embraced in Essex and have lived here most of your un-life. Your sire was likely a Founder or another Native. Founders may view you as their sons, daughters, nieces, or nephews. To other natives you are like siblings. The local revnant families know of you and may have ties with you. You hold more social clout then any but the Founders and are expected to behave accordingly.
  • Brother / Sister In Arms: You are a know member of the sword who calls Essex your home. You have lived here for at least a decade and have earned your place. You can earn respect from the local population though you have to work harder to do so than the Natives and Founders. Many sabbat who call Essex their home fall into this category. Revnants may distrust you put they are open to interactions with you.
  • Neophyte: You have only recently joined the sword and are young of blood. While you have moved out of your probationary time in the eyes of your fellow Sabbat the locals still treat you like a lesser member. Even the Revenants seem to look down on you. You can often go unnoticed which can be tiresome or used to your advantage.
  • Outsider: You are a new arrival to the Sabbat in the area or never quite fit in. Possibly somewhere in your history you made a powerful enemy of a Founder or had bad dealings with a Revnant family. Whatever the reason you are distrusted by the locals and looked down upon. Anyone but a Founder can find themselves in this social class sometimes without warning. Perhaps you don't choose to partake in local politics or your looking to change the way things are done. Regardless there is nowhere to go but up from here.

Storyteller Notes

Preference for Live Play

Preference will be given to activities that occur at regular games performed by players through live role-play. Though it is possible to accomplish character goals through downtime actions and background usage the storyteller staff will focus their efforts on events to occur during game time. This is to encourage player participation and provide ample opportunity for all players to engage with plot.

Play In-Between Live Events

Players will inform the storytelling staff of any events, proxies, or scenes they wish to engage in between game sessions. This will allow the storytelling staff to track character activities and to ensure character actions are in line with the existing play restrictions and accurately reflect the events of the current story-line.

Local Players First

Local players (players native to the venue) shall have first priority in all interactions with the VSS and associated plot-kits. Guests to the venue shall have equal access to all plots if they are engaging them through live play during a scheduled game session. Proxies shall be considered only after the needs of the local player base have been addressed.


Proxies into the VSS shall be considered on a case by case basis and proxies that do not meet the VSS or ones that would disrupt the enjoyment of local players will be rejected. All proxies that wish to enter the VSS must have a local player as contact and that player will be held responsible to the storyteller staff for any actions of the proxy players and any fallout from the proxy. The storyteller staff reserves the right to refuse any proxy.

Proxy Directives

Proxy actions will be cleared with the VST at least two days prior to the proxy (preferably more). Proxies will include dates and methods of travel, aliases, and other relevant information.

Aggressive proxies to the Venue (including “kill-boxes”) should be carefully considered both for their possible negative impacts on local play which may be against the concept of the venue and not allowed. Similarly, summoning players from this Venue to die will not be allowed unless there has been a proper and voluntary lead up to such an event. Local players will not be protected by “the local-play first” rule against fallout from their own aggressive or negative actions.

Character Conflict and Death

When entering a scene that may result in character death the storytelling staff shall advise players of the risk they face. The storyteller staff may deem that the events of a game session could be particularly dangerous as such they will issue a warning for the duration of that game.

If players are entering into conflict that may result in character death they will advise the storytelling staff. Resolution will be used as a precursor in any such occurrence with a preference towards non-character death results. Players should notify the storytelling staff and any players involved if they feel a course of action is leading to escalated player conflict. Players may “opt in” to scenes of character conflict up to and including character death. If all participants in a scene have opted into the same possible outcomes up to and/or including character death the storytelling staff will allow play to precede.

Player Holdings

All character's backgrounds will be logged by the storyteller. Background specializations will be at storyteller discretion. Some specializations will be limited and interactions with those organizations will be part of the VSS plot-kits. All retainers and contacts will have names and basic story-lines. Ally groups will be named, given a location, and a rough story-line. No building will be wholly player controlled unless points are spent on the haven background. Players may have use of buildings or large investment items through use of their Backgrounds, but it is understood that the Backgrounds used to acquire those things are based upon mortal NPCs, and may be influenced by plot-kits.

Unique Characters and Approvals

Players who achieve approvals of high or greater are expected to be an integral part of the venue and enhance the experience of their fellow players. If you have one of these character they are expect to be your primary play character and you are expected to attend 3/4ths of game sessions. These characters are meant to be unique, and to preserve that feeling there will be a limited number of them approved.

Characters per VSS & Play Limitations

At VSS lunch the storyteller staff will approve one character per player. Players will only be allowed to play one character a session. An exception will be granted if a players character is rendered unplayable for a session. After the initial period players may add a second character to the VSS however players will still be limited to one character per session.

Immersion and Game Continuity

Players are expected to uphold the thematic consistency of Vampire: the Masquerade and the overall World of Darkness. Immersion-breaking characters and behaviors are subject to review and discussion with the VST to bring the characters and actions in line with the themes of the local game/

IC History

City Timeline

  • Italic dates indicate possible supernatural activity.
  • Bold dates indicate historical Sect events.

1000 Norse Explores Arrive (1st Contact with Gangrel native population)
1493 Treaty Of Thorns
1605 Rockport: First Expedition To Rockport (Arrival of clan Nosferatu)
1615 Smallpox Epidemic
1619 Smallpox Epidemic
1620 Plymouth Colony Founded
1629 Massachusetts Bay Colony Established
1633 Smallpox Epidemic
1634 Town of Ipswich: Incorporated (Arrival of clan Tzimisce)
1635 Town of Newbury: Incorporated
1639 Town of Salisbury: Incorporated
1639 Town of Rowley: Incorporated
1641 City of Haverhill: Incorporated
1642 English Civil War Begins
1642 Town of Gloucester: Incorporated (Arrival of Clan Lasombra)
1643 Essex County Established
1643 Town of Wenham: Incorporated
1645 Town of Manchester-By-The-Sea: Incorporated
1645 Rowley: Mills Open
1646 Town of Andover: Incorporated
1646 Saugus: Saugus Iron Works Opens
1649 Town of Marblehead: Incorporated
1650 Town of Topsfield: Incorporated
1651 English Civil War Ends
1667 Topsfield: Grave robbing
1668 Town of Beverly: Incorporated
1668 “City” of Amesbury: Incorporated
1670 Saugus: Saugus Iron Works Closes
1675 King Phillip's War Begins
1676 Andover: Raided During War
1678 King Philip's War Ends
1680 Haverhill and Salisbury Annexation
1685 Town of Boxford: Incorporated
1692 Salem Witch Trials (Arrival of Tremere Antitribu)
'1693 The Common Settlement (Dogtown): Setteled
1708 Haverhill: Raided by Native Americans
1725 City of Methuen: Incorporated
1728 Town of Middleton: Incorporated
1734 Town of Tewksbury: Incorporated
1755 Great New England Earthquake
1757 Town of Danvers: Incorporated
1764 City of Newburyport: Incorporated
1775 American Revolution Begins (Arrival of Ventrue Antitribu)
1775 Beverly: First American Military Ship Commissioned
1781 American Revolution Ends
1793 Town of Hammilton: Incorporated
1803 Purchase Pact Signed
1812 Gerrymandering Scandal
1812 War of 1812 Begins
1812 Newburyport: Center for Privateers during War (Arrival of Assamite Antitribu)
1814 Town of Lynnfield: Incorporated
1815 War of 1812 Ends
1815 Town of Saugus: Incorporated
1815 Topsfield: Fair Opens
1817 Town of West Newbury: Incorporated
1819 Town of Essex: Incorporated
1820 Maine Leaves Massachusetts
1820 Essex: Poor Farms Establishes
1822 Ipswich: Illegal Stocking Machine From England (Arrival of Ravnos Antitribu)
1830 Common Settlement (Dogtown): Abandoned
1832 Newburyport: Whaling Industry Boom
1833 Wenham: Separates connections between church and local government
1835 Marblehead: Fishing Boom
1838 Town of Georgetown: Incorporated
1840 Town of Rockport: Incorporated
1845 Irish Potato Famine Begins (Arrival of Brujah Antitribu)
1845 Manchester-By-The-Sea: Changes from fishing community to summer colony
1845 Lawrence: Great Stone Damn Constructed
1845 Common Settlement (Dogtown): Razed
1846 Marblehead: Hurricane
1847 City of Lawrence: Incorporated
1850 Town of Lynn: Incorporated
1850 Town of Groveland: Incorporated
1852 Irish Potato Famine Ends
1852 Town of Swampscot: Incorporated
1853 'Town of Nahant: Incorporated
1853 Amesbury: Carriage Manufactures Open
1854 Tewksbury: Alms House Opens
1855 City of Peabody: Incorporated
1855 Town of North Andover: Incorporated
1856 Rockport: Rum Revolts
1857 Tewksbury: Tornado
1860 Lawrence: Mill Collapse
1860 Lynn: Shoemakers Strike
1860 2nd Sabbat Civil War
1861 American Civil War Begins
1865 American Civil War Ends
1866 Tewksbury: Alms House Becomes Hospital
1866 Boxford: Match Factory Opens
1866 Sailsbury: Beach Road Amusements Open (Arrival of Toreador Antitribu)
1866 Boxford: Match Factory Opens
1867 Newburyport: Derringer Pistols Opens
1876 Town of Merrimac: Incorporated
1878 Ipswich: Ipswich Witchcraft Trial
1878 Danvers: Danvers State Hospital Opens (Arrival of Malkavian Antitribu)
1882 Hamilton: Myopia Hunt Club Opens
1882 Haverhill: Mill District Fire
1883 Tewksbury: Hospital Investigated for patient mistreatment
1892 Lynn: General Electric Opens
1900 Essex: Conomo Waterfront Established
1900 Saugus: George Bailey Murder / Dismemberment
1905 Tewksbury: Hospital Expansion
1910 Ipswich: Castle Hill Purchased
1912 Lawrence: Textile Strike
1914 World War I Begins
1915 Peabody: Girls' School Fire
1918 World War I Ends
1919 Black Hand wars with the Inquisition
1920 Rockport: Shifts To Artists Community
1920 Prohibition Begins
1926 Haverhill: Rat-Bite Fever Outbreak
1928 Ispwich: Castle Hill Completed
1929 Great Depression Begins
1933 Code of Milan
1935 Common Settlement (Dogtown): The Babson Boulders Carved
1939 World War II Begins
1941 Great Depression Ends
1945 World War II Ends
1950 Groveland: Dutch Elm Disease
1957 3rd Sabbat Civil War (Arrival of Panders)
1960 Lawrence: Puerto Rican & Dominican Immigration (Arrival of Serpents of the Light)
1981 Lynn: Great Fire
1984 Lawerence: Riot
1992 Danvers: Danvers State Hospital Closed
1999 Red Star Rises
2001 Silence of the Blood
2004 Sailsbury: Beach Road Amusements Closes
2004 Lawrence: Serve Increase In Violent Crime (Arrival of Salubri Antitribu)
2005 Rockport: Ends run as a dry town
2006 Danvers: Danvers State Hospital Demolished (Arrival of Harbingers of the Skull)
2006 Danvers: Chemical Plant Explosion
2007 Danvers: Fire on the grounds of old Danvers State Hospital
2009 Red Star Fades
2014 Danvers: Former Site Of Danvers State Hospital Sold

Pre-Game Historical Narrative

In the Beginning …

For centuries our home was lush and wild. Our hunting grounds where vast and plentiful. We lived as one with nature, the apex predator. We were gods to some, demons to others, but we were free. When we wished to expand our families we would observe the tribes and find worthy among them. We choose cunning hunters, great warriors, and skilled shamans. We prospered and all was as it should have been. Then the ships came.

To the Losers Go the Spoils

The wars against the elders had been costly. Though we had won our freedom we had lost many brothers and sisters. The elders thirst and cowardice knew no limits. Though we had reached an accord no promise made by those deceitful creatures can be trusted. So it was that we left our homes and our blood to forge our own path. We stored away in great wooden ships and set off to the promises of a new land far from the oppression of our former masters.

The Nosferatu were the first of the Europeans to arrive in the “new lands”. Their leader Olek Dziedzic was a cunning creature with the gift of foresight and the coffers to aid him in his schemes. He brought with him a small brood of his brothers and sisters. They were no strangers to living in wild places and the kine they traveled with should be sufficient to supply their hunger when hunting grew difficult.

Friends in Low Places

Though the relations between the kine were strained the children of Caine had their own conventions. The Gangrel and the Nosferatu have long had a connection through the beast and their disdain for civilized society. After the Nosferatu brought their Gangrel brethren into the good graces of Caine they set about establishing their place in the new world. Spending so long at sea had grown a great thirst in the new arrivals and they taxed the local herd to it's breaking point. The Gangrel grew angry over the abuse of their charges but the Europeans promised a fresh crop of prey would be brought over from Europe to replenish their stock.

A New Board, an Old Game

It was not long before stories of the wealth and opportunity of the new world reached the halls of power in Europe. Members of the Sabbat had been struggling to find homes and establish places of power under the constant eye of their rivals. The potential the Americas presented could not be ignored. Within years of each other the Tzimisce and the Lasombra had arranged to send envoys to the new lands. So it was that Wadim Ardelean and Neron Martez would lead their blood across the sea to their new homes.

The arrival of the high clans to foreign soil was not received well. Both bloodlines were known for the hunger for power and need to rule. The Gangrel and the Nosferatu met and struck an accord, though they had their problems in the past better the devil you knew than the devil you didn't. The new arrivals where too dangerous to confront with violence though perhaps they could be contained to certain settlements while the wilds were protected and existing settlements were enforced.

Though the ties of the low clans held for a time Cainites are selfish creatures and their duplicitous natures are difficult to keep in check. The Tzimisce reached out to the Gangrel they had understanding in the old country and shared a common enemy in the vial Tremere, could they not see a way to live in peace, after all there was much they could gain from each other.

Sensing the changing tides the Lasombra made offerings to the Nosferatu. The Nosferatu had lost much in their flight from their homes. The Lasombra had wealth and ships, they could use these to restore the Nosferatu wealth and reunite their broods. All that was required was an ally against the Tzimisce. Though they did not wish open hostilities having friends would keep one side from growing too strong and overtaking the other. It was thus that the ways of the Cainites continued as they always had move and counter move, thrust and reposte. Much of this new world was like the last.

Nothing of Value Escapes Notice

For a time their was retaliative serenity in the new world but as more and more Europeans voyaged to and from the growing settlements the elders began to notice. As human villages and towns grew up like sores in the unspoiled wilderness the children of Caine grew with them. Each new ship that arrived could contain a wayward Cainite looking to make a name for themselves. Brother and Sisters of the sword brought news of the struggles against the elders. It was not the servants of Caine alone that came to the new world. The elders could no longer ignore this growing treat and so they sent over agents and lapdogs to erect places of power. Conflicts and rivalries that had existed in the old world had come to the new.

Home is where the heart is

For a time in the New world each Cainite was an island unto themselves. Much of the waking nights were spent on survival and cultivating what small settlements the kine had managed to construct but as the New World grew the need for ruler-ship became apparent. As in all things that involves the children of Caine this would not pass without conflict. Even among their European brethren there was war within the sword and these struggles would not pass the Cainites in the Americas by. Conflicts soon filled the night risking the fragile safety they had managed to build for themselves. After a time a bargain was struck. No one clan would allow for a single ruler. They would oppose whoever tried to claim the throne until their final death. As such three Caintes, Founders of this new land agreed to share a table and divide their new homes. They would form the Diocese and rule it as a council of the Bishops; War, Faith, and Kine.

The seat of War was granted to Neron; he had proven his martial prowess time and time again and no one wanted to face his black armada. Wadim sat in the throne of Faith. He had mastered the Ritae and embraced the road of his blood with such fanaticism that none could doubt his dedication to Caine. The seat of Kine was the least desirable of the three but all knew it was a necessity. This far away from their allies in Europe the kine were a greater danger and someone who could move among them and control them would be essential in Cainite survival. Olek, first of the European Cainites to set foot in this strange land, laid claim to the title. He had not worked so hard to allow these high clans to steal his efforts.

The three Bishops met in secret and mapped out the territories to which they laid claim as well as constructed the borders of their Diocese. The Diocese was split into six territories, each Bishop would oversee two. The Southern Border and Southern Bay would belong to War. They were closest to their adversaries in the Tower and allowed for a defense by both land and sea. The Central Territory and Northern Bay went to the Bishop of Faith. He would oversee the heart of the Diocese and make sure they were not poisoned from within. It also granted him access to a large stretch of marshland, the other Bishops saw no use for it but the Bishop of Faith seemed to think something within it's borders was of great value.

Finally the Northern Border and the Population Center were granted to the seat of the Kine best for him to due his duty to the sword and oversee the growing herd. Besides, there was no Cainite threat to the North save some scattered Gangrel and he had long seen to an agreement with his wild brethren.

Blood is Thicker

As the population of America grew so did the sword. Cainites taken with their studies and their faith often have little time for the concerns of the kine. It would behoove them to find caretakers for their herds. It was thus that three families of Revenants were assigned to the Diocese. Fearing that their presence would lend too much support the the Tzimisce the three Bishops Olek, Wadim, and Neron agreed to each over see one of the bloodlines.

Wadim claimed the Bratovichs; they were the most prolific and best suited to life in the new world. The Bratovichs established a farm between the towns of Ipswich and Hamilton. It's centralized location allowed them to trade with and influence several settlements, while providing them the privacy to care for the needs of their masters. Hog farms provide plentiful sustenance when stores are low and easy disposal of bodies when mistakes are made.

Neron claimed the Obertus; though their numbers were few the knowledge they possessed would prove invaluable in his war against the forces of the Elders. They also had a tendency to acquire trinkets and relics of a mystical nature that he could use against his adversaries. He had long since discovered that the Sabbat was not alone in the wild places, this new world had dangers all it's own. The Obertus were set about discovering the threats to the sword that lurked in their new home. They chose to make their home in Danvers so that they may observe their enemies to the south and easily receive news from a town called Salem.

Olek was viewed as the lesser of the three receiving little respect from his fellow Bishops and so they left him the family that remained the decadent and lazy Zantosa. Divorced of their noble line from Europe the Zantosa were found to be of little use to the other Bishops but Olek saw in them something that his fellow Bishops had missed. Though this new land was founded on faith and patriotism at it's heart it was a corrupt and black as any other human settlement. The Bishop quickly put the Zantosa to work opening ale houses and brothels, though they need operate under the prying eyes of the kine the time would come when humanity's faith dwindled and their power world grow. Olek need only wait, and he was a patient Cainite.

Revolution and Oppression

The war for independence was in fact a war of slavery. Though the kine believed they were liberating themselves from their European oppressors they were simply removing the father and embracing the son. The Tower had orchestrated the rebellion as a means to institute their own leadership among the kine. With the establishment of the new country the kine had sealed their fate and the Tower had established it's new ruler, Marcus.

The Elder Ventrue and scion of England had spent a century and a half subtly gaining control over kine power structures. He had gathered to him and army of brainwashed children of the Tower. At the end of the war he made his push. Over a few nights he purged members of the sword from his holdings. The battle lines had been drawn. He dared not over extend with his new army for he faced enemies on many fronts. This is how it came to be that the Sabbat and the Camarilla entered into a war that would last for over two centuries.

All Good Things

The Tower was falling. After over two centuries of conflict the end had come. A great red eye rose in the sky an sign from Caine himself, Gehenna was upon us. The sword rallied as it had never before. Old rivalries were set aside and all able brother and sisters gathered under the banner of war. Neron and Wadim gathered at the southern boarder to lead the crusade. Boston would burn.

For ten years the sword fell upon the non-believers. Streets ran red with blood and the skies rained ash. With every victory the sword grew more bold striking openly. It was the age of Caine. But these actions did not go unnoticed by the children of Seth. Many Cainites thought the Red Star was a covenant struck by Caine, a sign of the new world to come and yet as they warned their savior remained absent. Though the sword achieved great victories against their immortal enemies in the tower they had over extended and left themselves open to threat at home.

The humans where more aware than the Cainites had given them credit and the fear of annihilation had emboldened their guardians. Groups of kine began to mobilize piecing together lore of the Cainites they used their limited knowledge to strike where the sword was weakest. In the daylight came the fire. Havens were razed to the ground and Cainites were staked in the sun. A second human inquisition had come and it looked as if it was indeed the apocalypse, just not the one that was promised. Many of the Sword who were on their grand crusade fell in these times including Wadim the Bishop of Faith and Neron the Bishop of War. As they were burned by the wrath of the kine it looked as if all was lost, but there was one who had seen this potential and had a plan.

When the time for war had come Olek the Bishop of Kine had counseled patient and planning. He did not believe the Star meant what others hoped it did. He was called a coward and a heretic. His fellow Bishop marched south to crusade but swore when they returned he would be put to the sword. Cowards had no place in Caine's new world. Though he was considered a coward, and in truth he may have been one, Olek was also an ancient and cunning Cainite. While the world burned he secured the mortal holdings of the sword. He maintained his web of mortal corruption and enforced the borders of his territory. While all other eyes were pointed to the horizon, his pointed home.

Things are Always Darkest

The crusades failed, Caine did not come, the sword was lost. The Sabbat had long lived in the dark and dangerous places in the world. Hiding in places where no sane Cainite would venture for fear of what else called that place home. The others were right to fear, no-one should meet what dwells in the dark places. In the absence of Cainites the creatures of the darkness once again reclaimed their land. No longer facing the sword the moved unhindered through the night. The kine were busy killing their adversaries for them, they would not notice the growing ancient threats until it was too late.

It was thus that superstition and folktale again took root in New England. Centuries had past since the kine headed the warnings of their elders and old traditions had been abandoned. These ancient ways were the only defense that the kine had and it was forgotten. Now new terrors stalked the night and these the kine could not face. So the kine returned to the ways of their ancestors, they called the daylight their friend and feared the night, huddling in their homes until the dawn would save them. Towns began to pass laws closing off nocturnal gatherings and forbidding business with outsiders. They had spent centuries of progress only to return to the ways of their founding, small insular towns paranoid and scared.

In Medias Res

This is were we find ourselves, the sword is broken, the kine are hiding, and our homes are lost to us. The kingdom we once called our own is a broken land, small places of civilization among a sea of dark forest and dangerous wetlands. Only in the city of Lawrence under the iron fist of Bishop Olek do the Sabbat still move in relative safety. Olek and his pack Magna Sangunis walk unopposed through the streets of their city and all who are wise pay them fealty. Without there blessing one is forced to wander into the dark places and hope what is out there does not find them first.