Esteban Villa Lobos

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Esteban Villa Lobos

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Nosferatu


Esteban is most notably known for his piercing yellow eyes. To those who speak with him, the eyes seem to almost get brighter as the conversation goes on. His bright gold vest also tells the story of his Spanish culture, detailing exquisite taste in tailoring and fashion. The mask itself is hand crafted and made by a notable Toreador of the Southwest Region. It radiates with a glowing aura and commands respect to any who gaze upon it. Esteban carries himself with confidence and a self of fluid alien movement at times.

These nights the now Disgraced Kindred is seen embodying what some call his true nature, dressed in tattered burlap from head to toe. A large thick rope wraps around his neck. But those yellow eyes still glow behind his mask, searching for something through the rough leather face inspired hood.


  • "The best ally for any Kindred is a member of the Leviathan."
  • "When an asset is unreasonably devalued, that is the time to invest in it. Your potential returns will be worth the risk. I also confess I have a soft spot for the despised and the outcast..." - Saul Rothstein
  • "The disciples of the Christman are fond of saying 'Pride goeth before the fall', but my people had always viewed the endurance of tribulation and trial as a sign of devotion and dedication. Now that he has fallen, I find myself curious to see to what heights Mr. Villa Lobos will strive to rise up to once again." - Desmond Alred
  • "It's amazing to me what people think they know versus what his reality. He is a nosferatu, he shows you only what he wants to show you. It's what you don't see you should worry about." - Donzella Costigan
  • "He seems rather impatient for a man his age, but perhaps that comes in our differing philosophies. He has taken his punishment without hiding, and for that I do commend him. I am sorry I never got to review his evidence though. More's the pity." - Maxine Chambers
  • “The greatest living disappointment in Los Angeles.” - James Miller
  • "Never judge a book by its cover - especially if that cover is a burlap sack." -Salomé St. John
  • “It is clear to me that Esteban Villa Lobos has the same force of personality in many a charismatic leader. This ability can lend itself to acts of greatness, as well as acts of infamy.” -Enyo


  • Villa Lobos was framed for his supposed crimes by the Justicar
  • Villa Lobos was Disgraced for taking his mask off where someone could see him. The witness was so terrified of what was underneath that they immediately collapsed, and everyone thought he'd broken Elysium by attacking them. To this day the witness won't speak of it.
  • Esteban paid the Justicar to get himself Disgraced so he didn't have to be in the limelight anymore. No one pays attention to 'damaged goods' after all.
  • He enjoys heated rice pudding with a teaspoon of cinnamon and three strawberry marshmallows.
  • Esteban is in fact on a mission to destroy every single Anarch in Los Angeles.
  • Is in fact Kemintiri
  • Is responsible for the current tension between Clan Giovanni and Clan Brujah.
  • Was bloodhunted in Orange County to stop the spread of democracy.
  • Esteban has hurt the feelings of the Local Anarch Movement. As a result they no longer offer him their rice pudding.
  • Esteban is actually Augustus Giovanni, pushing for a war with the Brujah.
  • Esteban is Lilith
  • Esteban is actually two smaller Malkavians standing on each other's shoulders under the burlap sack.
  • Is Nictuku.
  • Esteban is rumored to have gathered the pages of Kemintiri's Herectical Diary.
  • May or may not be storing a certain old Egyptian mans body parts in his Haven

Known Allies

  • Why would any Nosferatu admit who their allies truly are?

Ties wanted

  • Fellow Diplomats
  • Other Nosferatu
  • Antagonists
  • Current and Former Sabbat
  • Supporters of Marlow's Conservatives
  • Brujah
  • Malkavians
  • Former Ghouls
  • Make me an Offer!!!

Esteban Villa Lobos
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Position: none
Domain: Los Angeles, Ca
Player: Darold Morris Los Angeles VST
VST: Los Angeles VST