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Commonly Known Information

Name: Ethan Allistar

Year of Birth: 1949

Year of Embrace: 1981

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue

House: Al-Karami

Position: Servire to Archon Alejandro Kleist of the Pacific Northwest

Fleeting Status: Acclaimed per Archon Alejandro Kleist of the Pacific Northwest, Courageous per Archon Alejandro Kleist of the Pacific Northwest, Loyal per Archon Alejandro Kleist of the Pacific Northwest, Honorable per Justicar Dora Manuela Bolivar, Victorious (Domain of Vancouver)

Some situations call for a scalpel. Some for a stiletto. Some for a sword. And sometimes... you really just need a good power drill.


Born to a prosperous New England family, Ethan Allistar was meant to be another link in a political and financial dynasty; sent to the best schools, gifted with advantageous social connections and substantial wealth, there was every expectation that he’d follow a clear path to the state or federal senate. That he happened to have a sharp mind and a bit of wit and charm was only seen as a bonus.

As it turned out, his mind was perhaps a bit too sharp. While attending college, it attracted the attention of Ellen Richardson, a reclusive and scholastic member of Clan Ventrue who specialized in overseeing scholastic development and scientific research among the mortal population. Richardson was known for her theories of using the educational system responsible for grooming the kine’s understanding of the world around them as a control mechanism, but her ambitions required funding and influence. Ethan’s displayed capabilities at his university, along with his familial connections made him an appealing tool and so she targeted him for recruitment, first as a ghoul and then after five years of dutiful service, for the Embrace.

After fulfilling his Agoge in New York City during the 1980’s, Ethan migrated west to explore the economic development within Silicon Valley, as well as the shifting control of Anarch and Camarilla territories, before shifting to the Northwest and the city of Seattle. He managed to survive the turbulent Hunter assaults during the 2000s when many Camarilla residents of the city were not so lucky, standing as one of the few remaining Ventrue within the domain once the smoke cleared.

Since then, he has taken on various administrative positions for his clan and the city as a whole, currently serving as Seneschal to the Brujah Prince Theodore Gray.

Ventrue Lore: While a member of House Al-Karami, Ethan Allistar was adopted into the lineage in 2017 following the death of his Sire, a prior vassal of Lady Maryam Al-Karami, and has no direct blood ties to the House.


  • "Some would tell the young soldiers we work with that old lie, dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. But we know better. It's sweeter to make the enemy die for theirs, and Ethan is key to my making that happen." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "Whatever you hear, you must know that my darling Ethan is a coward. When Seattle burned and he could have saved dozens, he fled like a worm. He will shield himself with the corpses of his once-allies, but eventually those bodies will run out, and I will taste the ash that once was the smuggest of faces." - Meg Sloan
  • "Ethan is an artist. The time and care he puts into making sure his façade is juuust so is really impressive. Luckily, I enjoy admiring such things." - Kweene
  • "Mr. Allistar is a credit to society, despite my disagreements with his Clan. I have and continue to treat him as an honored guest when he arrives at my door." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Dude is nosy but goes about it with a pleasant face; I generally assume a dagger (real or metaphorical) is hidden somewhere on his person. I don't trust him." - Jentry Nix
  • "Y'all got a general misunderstanding of what power is. Allistar doesn't carry around a sword or endlessly run his mouth about how he can kill you with mind bullets. He just nods, listens to your yapping, and files it away. He's young, and he's a Ventrue, so right now he is doing a lot of step and fetching. When that ends, and when his carefully curated investments start paying out... well... you tell me why Ventrue run shit?" - Arlington, talking to a Gangrel passing through Seattle.
  • "I admire him very much. He is so well informed. When I share information with him, I feel like he is actually listening, and he provides helpful context. He helps keep the Tower strong, and that is very important. I feel like the world is safer from, well, from any of us who might lose our grip, because there are folks like Servire Allister watching. And he doesn't miss much." - Brenda Bittersea
  • "There's more bullshit Camarilla elders in Seattle than I know what to do with. They've got their personal grudges to pursue and have forgotten what the city is. But not Ethan. This guy has decided where his purpose lies and is laser focused on it. Damn impressive." - Christian Flemming


Allistar has a knack for turning up in the wrong place at the right time.

He will always favor an amusing lie over a dull truth.

He was once fired from a job via Harpy Report.

OOC Information

Player: Jeff Stoker

Player Email:

Storyteller: Aaron Gomez

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Location: Seattle, WA