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"A slender woman of no particular physical distinction and a style reminiscent of the 30s. She is seldom without a large black handbag, a serious pair of spectacles and a modest hat."

Tremere Ancilla of the Camarilla Harpy of Vancouver

Quotes & References

"Rhodes is able, and eager. Possibly too eager, to her own detriment." Sir Koskinen
"Sure, all Tremere are pieces of shit, but let's be honest. I need something done and I know she's going to deliver." Mendo
"A treasured colleague. There is much to be said about orderly research methodology that Rhodes implements almost effortlessly. It's... disconcerting at times." Thaddeus Moreau

Rumours & Slander

General known facts

  • Rhodes has a decided eerie presence. There is something profoundly wrong with her mouth, an embarrassment that gives her a slight lisp and visible fangs.
  • Her Homunculi, Patience, is her frequent companion, appearing as a ragdoll.
  • She once outright ate a member of the Sabbat. Not diablry, but during frenzy her maw expanded to engulf the hapless kindred.


  • 1855 - Born Ethel Rhodes, to the Methodist Reverend John Edward Rhodes and Mrs. Mary Anne Watcher Rhodes in Missouri,
  • 1862 - Father becomes an army Chaplin in the American civil war
  • 1864 - Father injured in combat, sustaining traumatic brain injury.
  • 1869 - With a scholarship, Rhodes graduates from the Jefferson City Ladies' Comprehensive High School, after displaying considerable mathematical ability. Due to her sex, there are no options but teaching or secretarial school.
  • 1871 - Rhodes takes a position as a secretary for a reclusive scholar and becomes a Tremere ghoul.
  • 1875 - Rhodes is embraced with let of the Prince of []
  • 1912 - Rhodes is assigned to Des Moines Iowa, under Niko Koskinen
  • 1920 - Rhodes is reassigned at the behest of her senior after she is torpored in an altercation.
  • 1933 - Rhodes is allowed to leave the chantry to engage in feildwork as a counter mage.
  • 1945 - Rhodes is dispatched to Europe at the end of the Second World War to clean up an internal matter.
  • 1950 - Rhodes climbs the ranks pursuing service as a ward breaker, combatting mortal mages, rival kindred with Thaumaturgical powers, etc...
  • 1960 -
  • 1970 -
  • 1980 -
  • 1990 -
  • 2000 -
  • 2010 -
  • 2018 - June Rhodes assumes the role of Harpy in the freshly flipped city of Vancouver, BC.

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Player: Valeria S.,CA2017021501
Player Email: Me
Storyteller: VST Masquerade
Storyteller Email:
Location: Vancouver, BC