Etienne de Fauberge

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Etienne de Faubergé

  • Embrace date: 1099 CE
  • Generation: 7th Generation
  • Clan: Ravnos
  • Sire: Varsik
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Akko, Israel

ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade and AANST Camarilla


Physical Description

He wears rags or sometimes nothing at all. He lives his life disguised as a beggar in the outskirts of the city. He has long natural hair.

Brief History

Etienne met his sire after witnessing the massacre of Antioch during the First Crusade, and Varsik offered him the chance to serve God as an immortal. They went to Acre, where an aura of True Faith hindered every Cainite from entering the city, except for Etienne. For centuries Etienne guarded the city against other intruders until the aura faded. He claimed the city as a Christian Prince, until mortal Arabs claimed the city at which time he converted to Islam. He survived the Week of Nightmares and still rules the city of Acre, which is now called Akko.

Current Status

Etienne is the Prince of Akko.

Known Childer

  • Any childer he had are presumed dead.


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