Eugenio Gomis

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This is a deceased NPC from House of Selix of Clan Tremere

Information Known by General Kindred Society

Name: Eugenio Gomis

Notable Traits: Renown mediator, gifted with whisper of life and oracular ability. He also was a Master of Weather Control and Blood Thaumaturgy. Known for his high humanity and protecting and giving sanctuary to the island's Gangril.

Social Class: Elder(embraced in 1150 C.E. diablerized in 1956 C.E.)

Offices held: Elysium Keeper of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic until 1956 C.E.

Known at best only by fellow Tremere

Double Thaumaturgical Path Master

Known for his high humanity


House of Selix

Unlikely to be known even by fellow Tremere


Sire: Elliot Lancaster

Grandsire: Virgil Selix

Great Grandsire: Leduc The Frenchman

OOC Information

A deceased NPC used as an 8th Gen filler sire 1157-1956