Evander Katharos

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Known Information

Name: Evander Katharos

Notable Traits: Striking, spiky blonde hair; brilliant green eyes; hair trigger; anti-supernatural prejudice; first mate on the Sidereal; frequently seen in the company of a massive orange cat



Hailing from the Core world of Myun, Evander was the third child in the aristocratic House Katharos' main line. Like the rest of his family, he enlisted and distinguished himself in the Navy, and was headed straight for a bright future as a career soldier when his brother, Tristan Katharos, Awakened. After his family, who had preached loyalty above all things, refused to support Tristan, he chose to accompany his brother into exile.

Although he's an (involuntarily) self-professed wolf-blood, Evander is notorious for his dislike of supernaturals, particularly werewolves, and he flies his bigotry flag high. (His brother, naturally, is one of the good ones.) He's also amassed a reputation for his twitchiness, paranoia, and - weirdly - his rapport with children and small animals.

Evander has yet to choose a Union, though he's made himself available as a hired gun, and rumor has it that he, Tristan, and Elyl are working on establishing a home security business.

Art by Kya Harris
"Family is the beginning, the end, and the answer"
Evander's pet cat, Cat


  • "The kid isn't smart. Jumpy. Twitchy. Like an addict. His addiction? His brother. Smart money says he dies long before his brother does." ~Dr Love
  • "Self-hate. It's a thing. Kinda makes you an ass. I think I like him anyway, though." ~Elyl
  • "Boyo needs to chill out a little bit. He's a bit jumpy on the trigger. I bet he's alright when not confronted by a howling fool and all of the noise ever." Quasar
  • "I don't know who I should be wary of more. Him or the cat? At least he's good with kids in that Krampus sort of way."- Alek
  • "Prejudiced, short sighted, perhaps the largest fool that I have ever met and absolutely everything that I hate about humanity, there is the chance that I might grow to like him, the way that one grows to like a growth." - Hafal Ur
  • "Interesting. And he has that creature with him. I think I like him. He's got his quirks, like his brother. But the same thing goes, boring people don't have quirks." - Ehroth
  • "You wear many bodies but you are still the same." - Tristan Katharos
  • "This man is almost as fetching as his cat, and I wonder if the cat is really the one in control..." - Dresden
  • "The pup will live if he learns, and he has shown that he has the capacity to do so." - Hafal Ur
  • "Iskra not know well. But like." - Iskra
  • "That sodding cat!" - Anonymous
  • "He's grown on me. The brothers are a very intriguing pair." - Quasar
  • "There's a man who takes his job seriously. It's a rarity, and the mark of a good man. Now if he would just stop overreacting..." - Axion Attonborough
  • "His desires are both volatile and intriguing. I need to keep a recorder on hand for when his emotions take hold. He can be quite... entertaining to observe." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • "He is going to get some good people killed one of these days. I just hope I'm on the other side when it happens." - Xavier
  • "People call me controlling, but I never tell someone what they *can't* do, only what they can." - Prin Dawnbright
  • "He claims to always be right, and on a knifes edge to prove how correct he is. Rahu blood must flow strong within him, perhaps stronger than Hafal-Ur." - Axion Attonborough
  • "I could taste the judgment glamour coming from his eyes." - Fleur_Sablux
  • "That boy is a walking wound. It will be interesting to see the scar he becomes." - Nour
  • "He'd be so much happier if he would just accept that he's a werewolf, and that's ok." - Zellebrium_Prox
  • "Nice enough to me, for sure, but wound up tighter than the coils in the Sassyphus' engine. Even drinking doesn't help." - Spandex McQueen
  • "Evander? I don't think... OH. You mean the guy with the cat? He was really nice, I can't figure out why everyone says he's an asshole." - Jaq Graves
  • "I know the wounds in his heart all too well. He should find a good dealer to help him cope." - Vanya


  • Winner of the 367th Annual Mr. Neurotic Contest
  • And the 366th
  • And the 364th
  • You don't want to know who won the 365th
  • His cat is secretly a dragon in disguise
  • Knows instinctively whenever someone is cuddling with a werewolf, and he hates it
  • He wishes he could cuddle a real dragon
  • He self-made his cat's hoard and keeps bragging about it
  • His cat is just a cat. Meanwhile, HE is the real dragon in disguise
  • He is very attracted to the mysterious, furry sorts...
  • He comes and goes from the Core planets as he pleases. Some say that he is truly in charge of his House, and this is why.
  • He has seen every one of Dresden Nightstone's films. Multiple times.
  • His cat eats people.
  • He actually loves being a werewolf, and has the best time! He just does not want people to know, so acts angry and grumpy to not show what he really thinks.
  • Actually a secret project of his family combining Synth technology with werewolf genes. This is the real reason for his exile along with Tristan who knows how to repair him and simply recording the results.

OOC Information

Player: Tobias Gurl

Player Email: nine.carpals@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kelsey Greene

Storyteller Email: vst.space@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

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