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Commonly Known Information


Name: Evangeline Whitehall
Notable Traits: Evangeline, the oldest of a triplet set, is an entrepreneur focusing in business investments and technology. She is driven and proscribes to the philosophy that the best business is not on par with the competition, but excels past the competition at a pace that affords no peers. In the Anarch Movement, she carries the Moniker Trinity Tech.
Society: The Anarch Movement
Clan: Ventrue
Lineage: House Nova
Childe of Magnus Windhaven
Childe of Svetlana Czernin
Childe of Svein Magnussen of Tønder
Childe of Ansgär Svendsen
Childe of Marcella of Naples
Childe of Mithras



[1950] San Francisco, CA: Evangeline was born.
[1955-1968] Oakland, CA: Evangeline graduated valedictorian from Anna Head School for Girls (now Head-Royce School).
[1968-1972] New Haven, CT: Evangeline graduated B.S. with Honors from Yale University.
[1972-1974] New Haven, CT: Evangeline graduated M.S. from Yale University.
[1974] Oranjestad, Aruba: While celebrating her graduation with her family, Magnus Windhaven embraced Evangeline. Evangeline joined the Camarilla and entered Accounting under Svetlana Czernin.
[1974-current] Charleston, South Carolina: Evangeline resided in Charleston, SC.
[1975] Charleston, SC: Evangeline embraced Blake Whitehall and ghouled Leopold Whitehall.
[1994] Willemstad, Curaçao: Evangeline passed Agoge and was introduced into greater kindred society.
[2014 Charleston, SC: Evangeline joined the Anarch Movement.
[2014] Charleston, SC: Evangeline embraced Leopold Whitehall.
[2014] Charleston, SC: Evangeline, Blake, and Leopold formed Trinity Tech.
[2016] Charleston, SC: Evangeline received a Moniker from the Anarch Movement.


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  • Evangeline received the Anarch Movement Moniker for ushering the Elders of House Nova into the Movement.
  • Evangeline cashed in on her family's technology intellectuals to pay for college.
  • Evangeline is new money.
  • Evangeline scoffs "old money."
  • Evangeline has a superiority complex. It may or may not be justified.
  • For his part in her miscarriage, Evangeline's Sire Magnus Windhaven was culled through Greater Accounting.
  • A conspiracy theory blogger is interested in Evangeline.
  • Evangeline kickstarted a number of non-profits to aid women and children. She denies this vehemently.
  • Evangeline is a frequent face at Leopold's after-parties.

Commonly Known Associates

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Player: Connie Hume-Elkins

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Storyteller: James Andrews

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