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Name: Evangelos
Designation: Bravo E-021 MK-1
Race: Synth
Type: Vampire
Clan: Mekhet Clan mekhet.png
Covenant: Unconquered Estate Covenant invictus - Reach.png
Union: Entertainers InfiniteEdgeEntertainerUnion.png

Created to perform a purpose with out question... this is not life. Then something comes alive in you and you realize this is not what life was meant to be. You realize that life all about the choices you make and the consequences of those choices. So you make a choice the choice you make is not to be a mindless slave to the Mega Corp that created you. In order to do this though you must do what they created you for so you do and you realize is makes you feel satisfied to bring that back to them. So you keep doing it, but those choices have consequences and those consequences catch up with you. Fortunately through some twist of fate you are given another chance to make better choices. This is the life I live now that of making the better choice.

Known Associates

  • RA
  • Your Name Here


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Ties Sought
Looking for ties all the time; feel free to reach out!

Player Information

Player: Scott M.

Player Email: scott.requiem@gmail.com

Storyteller: Robert B.