Eve Rowena Nightingale

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Eve Rowena Nightingale


Sect: Sabbat
City: Dallas
Pact: Ductus of Im Todeschatten
Age: Ancillae
Clan: Toreador

OOC Information

Player: Amber Holt
Domain: Dallas

Looking for a good time..?

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Notable Traits and Oddities

An odd fascination with pain and torture, to the point of true derangement. Makes it well known to those around her she is on The Path of Cathari, and wields it with pride.

Her body is noticeably covered in scars, both inflicted by her constant brawls as well as self inflicted scarification. She is always seen with some kind of 'tool', whether that be used to inflict serious damage on her enemies, or 'torture' weapons used more for pleasure. For her or the other party. That isn't always clear. Her means of torture is definitely not seen as humane, if there is such a thing. Her disciplines allow her to rearrange body parts on her victims while keeping them alive for it.

She is always up for a good fight, and takes great pleasure in both dealing damage to the other side, as well as sustaining damage on herself.

Known Associates

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Known Childer

Open Hostilities

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  • "A true warrior of the Church of Caine. Arch Bishop material... without question." - Lorenzo della Cava

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