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Name: Evelyn Marie St. Clair

Notable Traits: Friendly, Level-headed, Quiet


Catahoula Parish, Louisiana


1899, by Basil Ainsley, of House Everard, Clan Ventrue


Born in 1870, Evelyn was born to Louisana Creole day laborers. Her mother washed clothes at the river for the well-to-do, and her father helped work the fields. In 1873, her father was murdered during the Colfax massacre, abandoning her mother and 3-year-old Evelyn alone. Her mother worked hard and they survived for another 5 years before her mother fell sick just after little Evelyn's eighth birthday.

Evelyn joined the other street kids in the parish until one year a circus came around. Twelve-year-old Evelyn snuck into the big top and watched the shows with avid interest. When the circus moved on at dawn, Evelyn was with them. She was eventually discovered by the troupe's strongman and taken under his wing. Boris became a surrogate father for the young girl and framed much of her worldview.

At sixteen, they adopted another straggler to the group. A young Jewish woman by the name of Rivkah. Evelyn took it upon herself to befriend her and over time, a friendship bloomed. They often worked together before the show to pickpocket and charm soldiers, and rich men out of their money and time. At night, they formed an acrobatic duo. Eventually, friendship turned to love.

The troupe traveled around well into the 1880s, but by mid-1887, Evelyn had left. She was accompanied by her longtime friend and father, Boris, and his wife. They joined another troupe and in 1888, Evelyn gave birth to a son. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for her, she was embraced when her son was 10 after an attack left her near death.

Painfully, she avoided contact with her little family. For their safety. For the next 20 years, she traveled with her sire, using her gift of a human appearance to their advantage. It's about here that Evelyn falls out of public knowledge, following the loss of her sire. The loss is not specific, but most assume he was killed outside of the House. Evelyn was moved around from place to place and mostly kept out of sight and out of mind.

It was recently that she came out of seclusion. The petite woman has resurfaced in Chicago, coincidentally in the same city as her long-lost human lover. She is currently settling into her new home in the city and taking the lay of the land, as it were.

Short Stories (OOC)

Evelyn Marie

The Call




  • "You see that hot piece over there? She used to be mine." "Used to be? What did you do?"

-Athalia and Fiona

  • "I find that Ms. St. Claire is more level headed and prone to rational thought than the vast majority of kindred her age. I anticipate a long and interesting partnership with my cousin."
    - Maksim Sashavitch Volk, Troubleshooter
  • .



  • Athalia "Rivkah" (Lover)
  • Millicent Everard (Grandsire)
  • Boris and Annette Alexeev (Father/Friend, and Wife, Deceased)
  • Ivan Alexeev (Son, Deceased)


  • Basil Ainsley (Sire)


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Player Email: meseviemarie@gmail.com


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