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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Evelynn Paget

Evelynn Obolensky.jpg

Birthname: Evelynn Anushka Obolensky

Age: 22

Notable Traits: Appearance Focus, Natural linguist

Tribe: Silver Fang

House: Wyrmfoe

Rank: Kinfolk

Sept: Golden Spike


Evelynn Paget was born into a heroic lineage of House Wyrmfoe (TBD). Her parents had eloped when they were in high school and she was born shortly after. When Evelynn was only a matter of weeks old, her father experienced his first change, accidentally killing her mother that night. Her father, Connery Obolensky, handed her over to her maternal Grandmother (another Silver Fang Kinfolk) and her significant other (a Black Fury) to raise, before disappearing from Evelynn's life. Evelynn spent the first ten years of her life in a Black Fury Sept, until her paternal grandfather discovered that she was still alive. House Wyrmfoe then used her as an excuse to take control of the caern, killing most of the kinfolk and garou associated with it.

Evelynn spent the next decade going from one relative to another, learning different types of lore and languages to insure that she would make a good mate one day. She graduated with a double Masters Degree in Social Work and Human Resources when she was only nineteen, only months before her arranged marriage to Alexander Morningkill. Despite their best efforts, the marriage ended after less than a year. During that time though, she did give birth to their son, Isaiah Jacob Morningwood.

After their divorce, Evelynn moved back to Utah, close to the remains of the Sept she had grown up in. She was able to get a job as the head of Human Relations for Natalia "Firewall" Khouri at Crinetix Inc. Within months of working for her, she discovered that her new boss was a Shadowlord, but didn't bother to quit and look for a position elsewhere. The two are as close to friends as they can be given their tribes.

Evelynn currently shares her house with a pack of Black Fury and two cubs. Although, it is well known that she also has an apartment, where her new boyfriend and the child she had from her marriage life.

Evelynn has recently learned about at least one younger half sister, a lupus named Tilley.

In late 2017, Evelynn and Alex got back together. However, tragedy struck when Alexander sacrificed himself in October of 2019. Evie hasn't been quite the same since.


  • Evelynn uses her company credit card to cover meals for the two cubs that she has been given responsibility for.
  • Evelynn secretly wants to quit her job and work as a social worker.
  • Evelynn is currently living and dating with a Black Fury kinfolk, named Matt.
  • Evelynn is a hunter during her free time, and enjoys the thrill of taking down a vampire or a BSD.
  • Evelynn secretly wishes that she was a Black Fury.
  • Evelynn openly says how happy she is that she's not Garou.
  • All of Evelynn's part of her heroic lineage is dead, other than her and her son.
  • Evelynn and Firewall had a falling out over her ex-husband.
  • Evelynn knew Aurora Brown before she had her First Change when her grandmother's significant other, Caroline, was her social worker.
  • Evelynn is back together with her Ex-Husband, Alexander Morningkill


OOC Information

Player: Celeste Felton

Player Email: celscamstuff@gmail.com

Storyteller: Megan Holt

Storyteller Email: white_paw_lost@yahoo.com

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