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"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness."

Character Details


Shadow Name: Everlight

Notable Traits: Peacemaker, Empath, Overly believes in the inherent goodness of people

Titles: Director of Auckland

Order: Mysterium

Path: Obrimos

Nimbus: Long term: Lights get a touch brighter. Immediate: A soft white light glowing like a halo and radiating outward Signature: lingering sparks of white light

City: Auckland, New Zealand.

Description: A friendly young woman in her late twenties, with sun-touched skin and grey-blue eyes, and short curly strawberry blonde hair that shines like spun copper in the sunlight, dressed in cheerful whites and bright colours and often sporting an apron. She has a white dress and orange and silver long vest that she wears particularly when she is being ‘Everlight, the White Tiger.’


Born and raised in Auckland as part of a long established local proximi family.

Awoke in her late teens, much to the joy of her family.

Attended University of Auckland.

Lost most of her family during the Event due to magical backlash as they tried to keep the ley lines and hallow at the house from exploding.

Spent the family fortune turning the badly damaged villa into the restaurant House of Cups

Spent most of the time since the Event either working on the restaurant or on repairing the ley lines.

Was the only surviving mysterium member in Auckland, due to running late on Bloody Friday, when they were slaughtered.

Got maneuvered into running for Director, because she actually gets along with people.

She established the Auckland Agreement to set guidelines for how the Compact is enforced in her city.

Public Information


Everlight is a mage who has been a firm supporter of the compact and run all over the place helping to stabilize the leylines, as well as set up a few portals between the cities to make travel easier. She and her cabal have a restaurant, House of Cups, that is occasionally used as a neutral meeting ground, since there are rooms on the second floor that can be secured from sleepers. House of Cups is built where two leylines cross. Due to the risk of veil breeches, Everlight no longer has the restaurant open at night.


  • Everlight has either the best luck or the worst.
  • If she ever arrives without food or beverage to share, then it's probably not her.
  • Everlight hasn't gotten over Mal's leaving.
  • Everlight can't ever be alone.
  • (Feel free to add your own)


  • "My dear sister, she takes everything on her shoulders and keeps looking straight ahead. She's the only family I have now, so you better believe I'll stick by her side." - Malzmei
    • "I would like to believe, Mal, but you left." - Alice
  • "She's the boss. An iron lady that knows how to get things done." Ruby Phoenix
    • "Pretty sure you've got the wrong person." - Alice
  • "Everlight is so organized she could have been shadow named a Trapper Keeper!"
  • "Still has yet to learn that some people don't deserve 'peace', but she'll get there at some point" - Alice

Friends, allies, and others

  • Sonn
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“The Dangling Conversation” by Simon and Garfunkel, “No one is Alone” from Into the Woods, “Part of your World” from the Little Mermaid, “Dreams to Dream” from Fieval Goes West, “The Light” by Disturbed, “Home” from Beauty and the Beast, “The Age of Not Believing” from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, “I Can’t Do This” by Plumb, “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” form Les Misérables 

OOC Information

Player: Rebecca Gearhart US2012100174 Arcsandaces@gmail.com

Story Teller: Dave Musgrove


'Location: OOC: Bloomington, IL IC: Auckland New Zealand