Evie Golightly

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Name: Evandra Sefra Grace Zylene
Alias: Evie Golightly
Home System: Caldera Nebula


OOC Info

Location: New York, NY
Storyteller: Jillian C.
Player Email: Abby E.

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A woman possessed of the kind of beauty that speaks of grooming from the genes up, and the confidence that only comes of growing up in the core, Evie does absolutely nothing to downplay the fact that she comes from royalty and is not only accustomed to better but still expects it no matter where in the universe she finds herself. Her smile is rare, and rarely more than polite, and it takes a great deal to inspire her to do more than sit and observe - though rumor has it that when she is moved to act, situations get resolved with all the finality of salted earth and shattered wreckage. Her hair is a cascading ombre from very dark purple to almost glowing pale sea green. There is a pearly sheen to her skin and her eyes and lips are galaxies all their own. She favors dresses with capes, and only rarely indulges in glowing embellishments.


A known asset to the Entertainer Union, Evie is known to be active in Sector V's news industry. She travels widely, sharing a high-end cruiser with Fancy and Molly Disco






  • She tells AMAZING stories when she's high.
  • Evie was just a personal aide in the Core, now she's putting on airs.
  • She and Jecht are married.


  • "I thought she was dead. I thought I was safe." - Tristan Katharos
  • "I love what she could be--which is why I hate her for who she is. How endlessly frustrating to watch such potential squandered on such shortsighted goals." - Nour
  • "It's nice to dream. Wonderful, even. Hopeful. But sometimes we can't have our dreams. Sometimes, we have to settle for the least of our nightmares. I hope you're happy - because gods in the stars know I am not." - Radam
  • Leaves shiny ribbons and sparkly jewelry - Maddie
  • "Your quote here" - Yourname


Ties Sought

Just about anything - lovers, allies, enemies, clients!


  • Miranda Priestly
  • Elim Garak

Other PCs

C/A/I: Dottie Youngblood
Apocalypse: Hereandthere