Executioner's Resolve

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  • This PC has been retired*
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Information Known to Garou Nation

Lupus Name: Mostly unknown
Deed Name: Executioner's Resolve
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: Adren
Tribe: Uktena
Camp: None
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
Pack: Alpha of the Black Turtle Pack
Spirit Pact: Nekhbet the Bearded Vulture
Notable Traits: One-Eye, Monstrous (skull face, 8 point rack, dark dingy fur, single "eye" is a glowing orb), Arcane

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Rumored Timeline
Suner.jpg 2013: Born - Early spring in the now developed area of southeast San Antonio, TX.
Suner.jpg 2015: First Change - Around the time of the great floods in San Antonio, TX.
Suner.jpg Unknown: Cliath
Suner.jpg 11-15-2015; Arrives at the Sept of the Clouded Sky to join the Keepers of the Old Ways and help bind, Tromera, an Incarna Bane Avatar of Smog. (Approval per EC aRST Apocalypse DJ Hicks)
Suner.jpg Unknown: Fostern
Suner.jpg Unknown: Adren
Suner.jpg Unknown: Whereabouts....
Suner.jpg 2017; Seen around the San Antonio area.
Suner.jpg Forms Black Turtle Pack and joins Sept of the Rising Moon

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Mouths of Venom

  • "Drown the voice of the few in the roar of the Mass.” - Unknown
  • "Nope!" - Wyrmbaiter
  • "Oh... bollocks." - Wyrmbaiter, when she arrived in Wales.
  • "She's got a tough road. I chose to look like I do, she did not." - Shadowrun
  • "Need to have a chat with the Get at some point. Is there a myth I missed somewhere about Loki and Hela hooking up and having some crazy wolf skull with antler child running about Midgard?" - Valen
  • "She appears to have the strength of will and resolve of someone who's older than she is. She's a reminder of the burdens many carry within the Nation, but we all can see them...though she carries them with purpose and wisdom, which is why she is Adren, why she has survived despite everything else." - Old Ironsides/Defends His Honor
  • "She’s my Alpha. I was told to say something nice. She’s nice. And she let’s me get away with some stuff she finds out about and that ain’t half bad. " - That Asshole
  • "What the... are you okay...?" - Damage Control
  • "Whatever you see is for you, She is my Daughter and I see nothing wrong with her." - Amasis Sabry

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Suner.jpg Flux's Warning of Transgression
Suner.jpg Formation of Black Turtle Pack And Reclaiming Alligator Snapping Turtle
Suner.jpg Kin is Pack, Family of Blood
Suner.jpg Deeded That Asshole


  • She had a Pack once. Once.
  • Got into a fight with her sire, they haven't spoken since.
  • No seriously, you wouldn't guess who she is actually related to.
  • Amasis Mated with Flux, and ER was the result.
  • Rumor

"The Wyrm is not the only Triat you should fear."


"Here in the forest, dark and deep.
I offer you, eternal sleep."


Out of Character Information
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Player: Elexeia Rouse

Player Email: ironcougar83@gmail.com

Storyteller: MJ

Storyteller Email:sanantonio.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: San Antonio, TX