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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Eyes-of-Ammit

Tribe: Silent Striders

Rank: Athro

Auspice: Philodox

Pack: Nameless

Sept: Warrior's Wisdom, Phoenix, AZ

Notable Traits: Eyes-of-Ammit dresses simply, always ready for a long walk.


  • “He lost his wife and son to vampires.”
  • Insert your rumor here!



  • Vampire Hunter - Normally level-headed, Eyes-of-Ammit is known to harbor a burning hatred of the Undead and has spent more than a decade studying and hunting them.
  • Medium - Even for a Silent Strider, Eyes-of-Ammit is well attuned to the Underworld.

OOC Information

Player: Wade Y.
VST: Michael Day
Location: Phoenix, AZ