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Timeline for Ezra of the Vanguard.

Dark Ages

Ruaidri du Coran is born in Norman-held Britain, where he lives his life as a peasant; eventually becoming a soldier fighting against Norman control.

Embraced for a show of valor and cunning in a small battle of the Dukes' war. Travels to Greece, where he spends his Accounting under the name Korrenos Alexis.

Leaves Accounting and assists sire in conflicts against the Assamites in Iberia, spending his free time as a collector of stories and games.

Sire becomes prince of Walbah (modern day Huelva, Spain) after taking it from Assamite rule. A managerie of Lasombra attend a coronation event, including Roman of House Dispar. They discuss a number of things, including war, art, history, and culture; they remain in contact since, sending each other missives once or twice a year. [CHARACTER TIE WITH TAYLOR H US2015120041]

Sires two childer: Tomas and Elisa; adopts the name Alejandro Ezros in the style of his now-home, Spain.

The Anarch Revolt

Tomas joins the Brujah uprising following Hardestaadt's council. Elisa remains loyal to her sire.

Ezra flees to Italy rather than raise arms against his wayward childe. He is pursued by Tomas, who remains intent on diablerizing him. Eventually, he escapes Tomas, who leaves to join with the Italian rebellion under Gratiano de Veronese.

Ezra hears the call for the formation of the Camarilla but does not attend, choosing to return to Huelva instead. There, he finds that his childe has been corrupted to the ideals of the Anarchs by a Lasombra named Vox Umbra. [CHARACTER TIE WITH ROBERT D US2013020050]

Early Days of the Camarilla


After signing of the Convention of Thorns, Ezra joins the Camarilla offensive against Sabbat-held Spain. He spends 200 years fighting the Sabbat as part of the Camarilla effort to drive the Sabbat out of Europe. In the following centuries, he leads several strong victories against the Sabbat, including a large number of coastal raids and pirate attacks against Spanish interests.

He meets Olaf Magnusson during one of these raids, a wandering Gangrel who was willing to share stories of his homeland for safe passage through the Sabbat warlines. [CHARACTER TIE WITH TRAVIS A US2002022340]

Tomas flees to the New World. Despite orders to return and defend the Camarilla, Ezra takes a fleet of ships and sails to America to pursue him.

Decades of hit-and-run skirmishes with his childe has reduced Ezra to only a single ship. Each time he returns to the Camarilla, his reputation for defying orders continues to grow. Eventually, he is denied reinforcements and offered a choice: leave for the New World permanently and help defend Camarilla colonies from Sabbat-held Mexico, or face the judgement of a Justicar.

Era of the Vanguard

Ezra makes a new home in a mexican port, eventually losing track of his childe altogether and settling down in the mission site known as La Purisima Concepcion-- which would one day become Waterloo and then Austin.

At the time, the only other Kindred within easy contact reach was Alistair Beckworth; the two would meet often to play games of strategy, until it became obvious that Alistair was literally unbeatable at any game where luck was not a factor. At that point, they began to play games of chance instead, most commonly card games, such as poker. [CHARACTER TIE WITH KYLE H US2014050070]

When not present in Austin, he monitored Sabbat traffic into the new world, and prepared defenses against their continued holdings of the Eastern Seaboard. Ezra frequently leaves Austin for the Eastern seaboard to coordinate efforts as a general in the fight for the Atlantic seaboard, where he forms the Vanguard of the Dawn-- a group of soldiers and tacticians dedicated to recovering the Eastern Seaboard from the Sabbat. [CANONICAL EVENT VIP SPEND: 2017-11-CVIP-VTM-238]

Other members include:

  • Kasper Towarzek, the Tremere that invented the Burning Blade ritual [CHARACTER TIE WITH DANNY A US2016120015]
  • Lady Eleanore Laurent, a Ventrue commander of a merchant fleet [CHARACTER TIE WITH NATTY S US2008011606]

The Vanguard is publically lauded by Cornelia Mowebary of House Everard, who works to make a name for all of the people involved. [CHARACTER TIE WITH VALERIA S CA2017021501]

It is supplied by weaponsmiths and arms dealers controlled by Kosto Raav [CHARACTER TIE WITH KELLY N US2002021233]

Each member of the Vanguard was crafted a Masterwork sword by Samuel Wheelock (Antique, Accurate, Deadly, Masterwork: Rings like a church bell when drawn). [CHARACTER TIE WITH SEAN M US2002045258]

Ezra is disgraced when scores of Kindred are destroyed in a botched attempt to capture the city where Tomas ruled as Archbishop. The Vanguard disbands, going their separate ways. One of Cornelia's childer died in that attack, and while Mowebary salvages the reputations of the other coterie-members, Ezra's name becomes Notorious for his failure. [Notoriety Flaw] He adopts a new name as a personal symbol of his failure to honor the Blood, and is heneceforth known as "Ezra of the Vanugard".

Ezra return to Austin to find that it is now a proper city, but that its sole inhabitants are a number of Anarchs and, as always, Alistair. He digs into his research, content to allow his failures to fade into the background.

After the Disgrace


Kosto Raav moves to Austin, and calls in many of the boons from the war efforts securing Kosto's right to live in Austin and getting setup with herd, haven, and hospitality.

The Camarilla leaves the city. Ezra chooses to enter Torpor rather than to be forced to confront his reputation in an entirely new domain.

Ezra is awakened by Karma, Payback and Iliana, who had been sent by Olaf Magnusson to uncover the location of his resting place.