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Gold Assamite Symbol.png
Elder Harpy Faith

Information Known by Kindred Society

Clan: Assamite

Social Class: Elder

Position: Harpy of Olympia

Status: Favored by Elder Prince Junaid of Olympia

Honorable by Elder Prince Junaid of Olympia

Loyal by Harpy Kweene of Seattle

Acclaimed by the Assamite Primogen of Olympia

Triumphant by deed

Alias: "Goddam Harpy Hero Faith"

Faith at the Voyage of the Damned 2018


Known background: Born to the O'Maille clan of Ireland during British Occupation, one of the few to not fall into English rule and actively rebel against the throne. Lived on a Pirate owned and run island in the Atlantic in the late 1600s. In New England during the American Revolution (though she says her involvement in the war is greatly exaggerated). Her sire took praxis of Olympia in 1895.

Timeline for Ties

  • 1573: Born
  • 1601: Ghouled
  • 1630: Embraced
  • 2017: Harpy of Olympia


  • Luminary Elder Vertus
    • Master Elder Prince Junaid
      • Elder Faith
        • Renata

Rumors and Quotes

  • It is rumored she spent the entire 1900s in servitude to a Giovanni Luminary Elder as a result of a life boon.
  • The Harpy of Seattle wants her dead.
  • Caitiff who visit Olympia are not safe from the wrath of Faith.
  • After a scandal in which Thomas Ashe violated Elysium, Faith dissapeared and hasn't been seen since. Her family fears she's dead.

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Out-of-Character Info

Player: Robyn Levin

Member: US2014070037

Location: Olympia, WA

Storyteller: Oly VST