Faith Richards

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Name: Faith

Sect: Cam-ish

Clan: Brujah

Social class: Neonate ("babyteeth")

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Notable Traits: Quick to a fight, and slow to chill, clearly more interested in enjoying unlife than politics, no matter how the wind blows

Brujah Symbol.png

KP 9.jpg

Punky Brujah's 6 Rules for Being a Vampire

1. Keep the big secret

2. The guy in charge is the guy in charge

3. When you're in someone's house, introduce yourself

4. Don't make babies without permission from the guy in charge

5. If you do make babies, teach 'em how to be adults

6. Only the guy in charge gets to say who dies



  • She and Tanya are creating their own martial art based on breaking tables
  • She's really a Sabbat shovelhead who joined the Cam
  • The only reason she says she's Camarilla is because she lives in a Camarilla city


  • "You're now an undead monster who drinks blood. Shit's weird. Roll with it."

OOC Information

Player: KP

Player Email:

Storyteller: Boston ST

Location: Boston, MA


Ties sought

  • Friends
  • Rivals
  • People she worked with in (recent) mortal life

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