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Fanny Lovewood 1.png

Commonly Known Information

Clan: Followers of Set
Cult: House of the Eclipse
Sect: Independent Alliance


Fanny was born and raised in Houston. She was a mortal Cultist of the Priestess Djeserit. Now she serves the Temple there and its inhabitants under the tutelage of her Sire, Paddy Murphy.

Notable Traits

  • She is obviously on a Path of Enlightenment other than Humanity
  • She rarely leaves Djeserit’s side.

Known Associates


  • Fanny was embraced by her Sire because she was so devoted to Djeserit.
  • Fanny is on a different Path than most Vipers.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Fanny is my kid, yeah. I love her like any good Sire. You keep your eyes off her, fucker." - Paddy Murphy
  • "Your Quote" - Your name

OOC Information

Player: Cat Steele

Player Email: | Email Me

Storyteller: Sudiptya Banerjee

Storyteller Email: Houcam.vtm.vst@gmail

Location: Houston, TX