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Name: Farsight

Notable Traits: Always has his guitar with him.

Type: Werewolf

Character Type Subgroup: Iron Master Cahalith

A young Uratha who was drawn to Milton Keynes as a mortal for its rich culture, after his First Change he decided to remain for reasons that he declines to elaborate on beyond searching for his muse. He’s never seen without his acoustic guitar and is often found sitting in public parks or at underpasses playing for whoever cares to listen. Supposedly any money he gets given by the public he always donates to those less fortunate without a thought for himself.


The Werewolves have established territory in the more wild areas surrounding Banbury. There have been active packs in the area since 957.

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MKNPC.Farmarker.png "As talented as he is thoughtful. I hope he gets to see the places he's been dreaming about." - Lisbeth Benson
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This is an NPC for the Milton Keynes CoD-X Game