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Known to the Nation as

Name: Bad Dog, or B.D.
Deed Name: Faster-than-Traffic
Breed: Lupus
Tribe: BoneGnawers
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Pack: Four Rivers

Acts of renown

  • Fought in the sewers in Atlanta to bring down a monstrous Bane
  • Killed leeches in Charleston S.C.
  • Gathered Fera of all types together to talk about their place in the Nation and what they want
  • Fought along Garou in New Jersey to cleanse powerful vampires from a Museum
  • Named Hero of the Sept of the Lake that the Land Forgot
  • Named Worthy in the Sept of Gaia's Vengence
  • Won Mother Rat's favor, bargained with the Great Trash Heap, and defeated umbral hounds.
  • Carved a statue of pure spiritual energy
  • Helped to defeat an Avatar of the Wyrm from being born
  • Helped to defeat a massive junk yard bane.

Known Associates


  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)


  • "Beer is food." - Faster than traffic
  • "He is good son of Rat, he does mama proud. Perhaps we will fight together again." - Iakov Sedeyshchiy
  • "Your Quote" - Your Name

OOC Info

Player: Terry J.

Player Email: Email Me

Storyteller: Karl. F.

Storyteller Email: VST Email

Location: Raleigh, NC