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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Fatima al-Faroush "Walks the Line"

Notable Traits: Loves goth and punk styled clothes. Not afraid to speak her mind.

Rank: Tilau/Adren

Tribe: Bastet/Bubasti

Pack: Mudhole Stompers

Sept: Sept of the Bayou's Blessing

Fatima Cat form.jpeg


Fatima al-Faroush is a woman that has been compared to McGonagall of the Harry Potter series, though she personally sees herself as more of a cross between Mulan, Erza, with a dash of Hatshepsut. She is quite an insightful person, with an attention to detail that only a lawyer in training would have. She was born to an immigrant family who was looking to get away from their old life in Egypt and have a fresh start in the US. This start helped to shape her from the simple little girl she could have become into the boisterous woman she is today. Fatima hates to back down from a challenge or a puzzle and will spend hours trying to figure it out or brute forcing it when she gets frustrated. When this challenge is a person, it typically involves background checks and the armchair psychiatry that makes her friends’ eyes roll. When that doesn’t sway someone, she quickly resorts to facts and her pervasive sharp comments as she loses her patience. This has lead her into more brash arguments than should be considered healthy.

  Fatima was born on June 20, 1989 in Zagazig, Egypt to parents Omar and Shahira al-Faroush. She doesn’t remember much of her time as a toddler in the village, save for an unusual cat that liked to visit the family home around when her aunt Medhi would visit. Besides that, her first solid memory was of seeing all the people zipping around at Logan international airport and her father telling her to stay by his side as they traveled the concourse. She remembers moving a few times in Boston and how her parents would look concerned at each other when they thought she wasn’t paying attention. She remembers when, at 5 years old, her father burst into the living room with a letter in hand, looking overjoyed at his being hired to a new job. The scramble to pack everything, the Uhaul ride across the Appalachians, and the trees everywhere are all a blur next to the boredom she felt and the tears her parents cried as they completed their naturalization ceremony. Most of school was a lonely experience, save a few friends here and there. The first time she wore her hair in a golden wrap in middle school, she was beat on by one of the popular girls and slurred at by the crowd for her accent, which still showed whenever she was upset. In the end of that fight, though, she was the one suspended for supposedly starting it. Fatima did get Sarah back for it at the end of the year by tying her mini backpack and tamagotchi virtual pet that desperately needed to be fed to the scoreboard over the basketball court. It was in high school that she got into the goth style scene and picked up more of her boisterous nature to deal with the bullies and idiots that surrounded her. 
  She was in her second year at college when she had one of those young women who had more looks than sense as a roommate. On May 18, 2011, as she was getting back to the dorm from a particularly bad run of exams, she happened to walk in on her roommate and her boyfriend on the couch watching some reruns on netflix. Fatima would have left them alone and faceplanted into her bed had she not overheard a racial slur come from that asshole of a man’s mouth. Her roommate had even laughed at the comment. This lead to Fatima chewing both of them out, then snarling an ultimatum at them before she left the apartment to go cool off. Her walks would normally be able to do this, but this time, it only pissed her off more. Before she knew it, she was running toward a copse of trees and punching a trunk. As she was in mid-swing, she lost her balance and hit the ground hard. Instead of having hands, she had black-furred paws and her mouth only formed yowls when she tried to speak. She wobbled her way, as she was unused to the form, towards the student health center, but caught her reflection in the mirrored windows. Deciding that this being a cat thing would be too much for the on campus clinic to handle, she started walking towards the main road that lead through town in order to go to the nearest hospital. There, a passing Bastet spotted her tripping over her purse strap on the side of the road and stopped to help.
  What happened in the next few days was a whirlwind of teaching a human born Bastet how to cat enough to survive the trip back to her parents. When she returned home, her parents were surprised to see her. What they weren’t surprised about was the story that she had turned into a cat after getting really angry. This lead them to tell her the real reason why they had left Egypt, which was they wanted a quieter life, away from the politics of the Bubasti. Fatima was agape at this news, wondering why her parents didn’t tell her sooner of what she was. They said they had no way of knowing that she would be a full-fledged Bubasti, and even her aunt couldn’t tell at such a young age. She judged them ignorant for not knowing what would happen when two kinfolk have a child and thus picked her auspice. It was then that her parents arranged for her to take a sabbatical from school in order to train with her aunt in Egypt for a year.
  Fatima’s first year with her aunt started off with getting to know the kinfolk of Zagazig and Cairo and their tricks of the trade. Aunt Medhi worked as the liaison between the full-fledged Bubasti of the tribe and the kinfolk that were of the larger community. When Medhi was busy dealing with a larger problem, Fatima was often left with Sharif, a kinfolk who loved history, who would show her around the tourist spots in town and out in the desert. Fatima found herself having to work a lot harder than what her aunt said was required to contact spirits, which tended to frustrate the poor late-bloomer of a kit. It was through sheer determination that she was able to step sideways and meet one of the spirits that patrolled the Nile in the near umbra. Once she finished her training, Fatima saw what leadership her people needed and was eager to give it to them. This lead to her rank challenge at the yearly Tagarhim of her people being a judging of an improper secret relay lasting quite a lot longer than it would have normally as Fatima gathered all evidence that she could in order to judge them, thus leading her to be dubbed Hemetemma’at at the conclusion of her challenge.
  Fatima returned to college that fall, majoring in pre-law and minoring in linguistics. Her knack for languages saw her picking up several at this juncture of her life, all while doing her best to balance her duties to her tribe with schoolwork. Sharif joined her in this return home to Arkansas, seeing it as a way to learn more history of other places than his native Egypt. Her senior year of college, she was offered a scholarship to study abroad in Japan for the summer. She took the chance and explored the country when not in class in Kobe. There in the mountains, she met a Kitsune who was as interested in her as she was in them. They became acquaintances who would hit up the local temple or onsen together and give each other a practice partner for the languages they were each interested in at the time. Alas, when summer ended, a promise was exchanged to say hi if either were ever in the neighborhood of the other, and the two went on their separate ways.
  Once Fatima graduated with her bachelor’s from University of Arkansas in 2014, she was summarily scouted by a law firm up in New York City to become a translator/main office liaison working with several international clients. Whenever she was in NYC, she would visit a small bookshop off and on for the nice atmosphere (and study guides for the LSAT). However, most of her mundane work was on the road. Her main hops were normally between the NYC and LA office, but a few times she was pulled into the Houston and Chicago offices. This meant she was often on the go, and would attend to her duties as a Twilight (Philodox) whenever she stumbled across situations that needed her expertise. She also supplemented these hops with occasional visits back to Egypt to visit for the tribe’s annual Tagarhim. It was at the January 2016 one that her aunt saw fit to pass her a riddle that she had learned from an old Pumonca friend who had lived in the Houston area for a while before retreating to gods knows where.
  It wasn’t until she had figured out that old riddle that her aunt had passed her that she earned a secret and some knowledge about her people and the Garou. She was on a flight to the LA office and was reviewing her notes for the upcoming case when the realization struck her. This lead her to her next rank challenge, which was an interspecies negotiation of territory between a Bastet that had set up shop in the foothills of the San Andreas Mountains and the local sept. While it was a successful negotiation, things did seem like they would go either way for a while, and one misspoken word would have set everything off. Thus Fatima earned Walks the Line as a rank name. She doesn’t prefer this name, unless it’s with Garou, as it seems easier for them to say it than her normal one. Something about too many m’s.
  Coming to 2017, Fatima has passed the LSAT and has been finally accepted into University of Houston Law school. She intends to work out of the Houston office of her law firm while she attends school there. She has not yet joined a sept or undergone the Rite of Acceptance, as she hasn’t seen the need to be part of the Garou’s clique, especially since she has been on the move near constantly for 3 years.
  With Fatima, I’m interested in exploring politics of the outsider, the occasional PvE stuff with spirits, and the eventual creation of a parliament of shifters. The three things that Fatima is not aware about herself is that she is a bit of an egomaniac, she abhors the dogmatic if it is not useful, she would jump at the chance to make a caern in her ancestral home. As for if she was unexpectedly killed, and how she would go about it, I tend to think that in the PvP scenario it is an elder garou that has had one too many of her mouth-offs and isn’t being given a piece of information he wants, challenges her to a staredown and loses. They then get the jump on her in their rage, and though she puts up a good fight, she is struck down by them. In the PvE scenario, it would be her having been curious enough to go into a place or open a thing, having to battle quite a few of wyrm things that she attracted by being there or opening said thing. She would take out at least a few and get warning to her pack before she succumbs. Personal props would be to a corrupted Bastet landing the final blow.
  As far as cheese goes, Fatima is a linguist, which would seem to be a better fit to a galliard type, but works well with how intelligent she is. Plus with the US as diverse as it is, a polyglot would be a useful skill for a law type to have. As for Min/maxed, Blood of the Khara on a philodox shuts down most challenges with rank involved, which is a real boon should she need to judge a higher ranking shifter. She is surprising in that she wants to work within the scope of the law to change and update the law itself, which would normally be a ragabash’s duty. It’s also surprising that she knows first aid, as she wouldn’t normally be the type to use it. The pursuit of secrets for her is more on the digital era than most, as she will stalk a corax for their password and get any juicy, unreleased to the public info off their hard drive and use it in her judgments should they be relevant to them.

More recently, Fatima has seen merit in the founding of the Wild Senate and has become one of the signatories to it. She sees this as a natural progression of what she'd already been doing for the local sept. She has also challenged for and successfully completed her stepping up to Tilau rank, which was honestly about time that this Bubasti started caring about leading more than her pack.


  • She has failed her LSAT twice.
  • Shut down a Garou's complaining about territory as part of her Akaa rank challenge.
  • Secretly loves classical music.
  • Felt betrayed by her Nuwisha packmate when he joined the nation and wonders if it's her fault.
  • Has been considering finding a Bastet kinfolk boyfriend after she passes her bar exam in the fall.

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  • "Though the nation has progressed with this current resolution, it has not yet shown true acceptance of our kinds. This, plus the requirement that I would have to follow more than my own Karoush is why I will not join the nation. Instead, I strive to be an ally that is worthy of being called a Wild Senate member."

OOC Information

Player: Brandie B.

Player Email: lass_of_mystics@yahoo.com

Storyteller: David McCorkell

Location: Houston, TX