Felicity Faire

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Felicity Faire
Maiden Name: King
Mate: Michael Faire
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Kinfolk
Sept: Hidden Spring

Notable Features:
Felicity's Irish heritage shines through in her bright red hair (usually worn in a bouncy shower of curls), green-hazel eyes, and fair skin dappled with freckles. Standing at 5' 4", she is fairly short and her figure is plump. Though she is clearly of Irish descent, there is no hint of an accent when she speaks. No matter the time of day she always smells faintly of cinnamon.

Typically seen wearing dresses of various styles, sensible shoes, and her signature apron.


from Harry Potter.
from the Secret of NIMH.
from Brave.
Felicity's Playlist.



The epitome of motherly: Felicity is kind, gentle and caring. There is not a moment that she does not have advice to give or a comforting shoulder to offer. If she sees you feeling particularly down, she may even pull one of her famous cookies from thin air! Her warm demeanor comes in handy as she has taken to homeschooling the younger kinfolk of Austin, should their parents not wish to risk putting them into the local school system prior to high school. Felicity and Patrick's own children make up the bulk of the class, of course, but with as many children as they have it is little wonder.

Felicity came into parenthood at a young age, but she took to it easily and gracefully--helped by her family and friends along the way. Now she is the doting mother of twelve sons, still holding out hope that one day she will have a daughter. Whether or not that ever happens, she maintains glowing pride in all of her children and their accomplishments (mundane or Nation related).


  • "She brought cookies! At least that is what people said, so I had three, but there was chocolate in them... am I going to die now?" -Hel's Chosen
  • "She is rather unlike the other Kinfolk I have seen. Quiet, observational, and patient. Perhaps her nature is different than theirs?" - Tsomo
  • "If I weren't garou, I'd be living her life in a heartbeat. Sweet, thoughtful, as immediately loveable as Dolly Parton. Don't fuck anything up with her, and that's not so much a warning as a promise that it'll end badly." - Morgana
  • "She wears her smile like she wears the color pink, as armor against the world in which she lives. The function of a mother is as a protector so I understand the attempt." - Josiah
  • "Quote!" - PC Name


  • With 12 children and a possible bun in the oven, you'd think she'd have health problems by now...
  • There is no way all of those kids are her husband's! Not with how often he's away and how often she has them.
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I will hear their every story / Take hold of my own dream / Be as strong as the seas are stormy / And proud as an eagle's scream
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy / Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry / Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
I see trees of green, red roses too / I see them bloom for me and you / And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Pick a star on the dark horizon / And follow the light / You'll come back when it's over / No need to say goodbye
Say what you wanna say / And let the words fall out / Honestly I wanna see you be brave
Felicity Faire

Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Cristina B
VST: Stephanie W

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