Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson

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Machiavellian. Implacable. Quintessential.




House Everard


Great Great Great Grandsire: Ventrue
Great Great Grandsire: Tinia
Great Grandsire: Julia Antasia
Grandsire: Desmond Aldred, Patriarch of House Everard (Deceased)
Sire: Gareth Abrecan (Deceased)
Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson
Childer: Vigo Robinson
Childer:Abraham Grayson (Deceased)
Childer:Maksim Volk


"A historian has many duties, the first is not to slander; the second not to bore.”
― Voltaire, (When Entertaining Felicity in Ferney, France.)

One cannot undo something that is innate, and with Felicity it was her will; her will to survive, her will to progress, her will to have it be as she commands. But nevertheless what is innate cannot trump hand that one is dealt in life, and in her life the first hand she dealt was not the lot she would have chosen, but regardless she learned, adopted, and persevered. The year was 1667 when her existence came to fruition. And like any aspect of history the only one to be able to adequately tell her beginnings is her, and that is the way she prefers to keep it. On the paths and courtyards of Versailles she was raised, in the decadence and elegance of a what would be an ancient world, a center of which all refinement and sophistication would be witnessed...the same center in which a political upheaval, up-rise of a nation, and a performance in the stage of social reform was founded. For it all Felicity had a front seat that she would never forget, especially because it changed her life forever.

Throughout the centuries Felicity has had her hand in a lot of historical events, whether she was the cause, the director, or simply the recorder of world events, she was always one to carry herself with grace, dignity, poise, manners, intellect, and a sharp wit. It is an element that can be tracked throughout the testaments of time, one that has came to be respected and yet feared more than most. Because of this, she is a part of a very prestigious and respected household of Clan Ventrue: House Everard. Now, as the official historian and keeper of traditions of House Everard, a crest that she bears with great respect and dignitude, she walks amongst the ranks of not only being an Elder of the house, but an Elder of one of the most upstanding pillar clans of the Camarilla. In that she serves with all her resolve. Regere Sanguine Regere in Veritatem Est.


  • Appearance: Embracing an element of gothic neo-victorian, she always has a dark visage about her. Dressed elegantly from head to toe, she is roughly 5'9, skin as smooth as chocolate, eyes hazel, and lips that seem to shimmer.
  • Notable Traits: Felicity always seems to float, sway from side to side, and carry herself with the uptmost grace and poise.
  • Demeanor: She hardly ever doesn't smile, and it is said that no matter how hard the wind blows, she won't budge. Pleasant, effervescent, polite.
  • Habits: There are signs of her displeasure, very subtle but to the trained eye and those that know here, you can tell when hell is about to break loose. She tends to carry around her book to capture history, as moments tend to flee from memory.


  • "The moment she walked through the door of my shop in New York City, I knew Felicity would be everything I hoped she would be." - Maksim Volk
  • "Who better to be trained by a product of House Everard but one who has embraced the grace, charm, and talent that has channeled from her sire and grandsire. She embodies the Clan in all things" - Abraham Greyson
  • "Poise and grace. These are my niece's most common qualities... now, what sets her apart? An otherworldly talent for convincing you have gotten the best possible offer, even as she robs you blind." - Rikard Bouwman
  • "Trust me in the fact that she really does know how to ride a stallion. None would dare to think otherwise, and she looks amazing in those boots." - Nathaniel West
  • "An excellent student, she is a credit to House Everard." - Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
  • "Elder Dawson and I work well together, she possesses a simple elegance and to those with perceptive eye will see the incredible sophistication brought out by such poise..." - Viktor von Stratus
  • "Lady Felicity and have known each other since we were but young neonates. She is a stunning beauty to be seen, with an even more stunning mind. She is a sharp woman who is wise beyond her time and she is so full of vitality it is always exciting to get to spend time with her." - Katheryn Maria Benoit
  • "Despite all of our clan's differences throughout the ages, she became someone with which I could trust some very personal matters to. In days like these, the ability to extend such trust should speak volumes to the person's character." - Asher Meier
  • "Je plains l'individu qui s'interroge ou se fâche entre Felicity et moi. Elle m'a appris plus sur l'équilibre et la grâce que sur tout autre sans mener une leçon officielle." - Pollux Xenos
  • "What can I say about my dear Maman? She may not have granted me life. She may not have given me the Embrace. But she is the reason I am Living, darling." - Darien Dawson
  • "Something Something Something" - Someone


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Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Domain:San Francisco, The Next Gold Rush
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