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Tiziano Farnese
Commonly Known Information
Name:Felix Latch
Theme Song:Life will change
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST Sabbat CA-01
Player Email:

Cliff S


Birth and Education

Felix was born in 1993. Born to someone outside of the Giovanni, he holds the name Latch. His father was a theif, and Felix jumped wholely into the life. There, he learned the underworld, and learned to pull off complex heists. After his father died in a heist from a banker implicated in the Panama papers, Felix shifted his focus to steal from those who were corrupt and abused their positions.

But, in 2015, Felix felt like he couldn't shake an illness. It winded him up in the hospital. Where he was found by the Doyen of Vancouver Antonio Giovanni. And that's where he became a ghoul.

He served faithfully and dutifully for the next three years, utilizing his social connections for the Independent Alliance. He continued with his heists, mananging to even steal from an Alpha Werewolf, whatever that is.

During his time, he's:

-Discovered the leg of a Methuselah

-Become the Abyss and killed two dozen Giovanni

-Fought off mages

-Survived a year in a hell dimension

-Became a primary target of the Abyss

-Tracked, hunted, and drew a murderous Blood Spirit, and bound it

-Communicated with Fate and prevented a major accident

-Been attacked by a Methuselah

And his heart is still beating


  • Felix has nine lives. How else could be survive all of that?
  • Felix is possessed by a golden spirit that's helping him, but quickly killing him
  • Felix is not even a Giovanni, rather just called that due to his skill
  • Is unafraid of death in a good cause
  • Was never released by the spirit of the abyss

Quotes and moments

By Felix

  • "So, I kinda discovered this severed methuselah leg..."]
  • "We are a family, and we look out for each other."
  • *Standing paralyzed in fear, after seeing a Lasombra*

" "So what is an Archon? Oh, thank you. And what is a boon exactly?"

  • Watches a blood spirit snake kill 20 cultist by draining them in a tornado of blood. Carefully takes some gold off the wall and backs out of the room

About Felix

  • "Once I add obedience to that long list of skills, he'll be ready." Lucy Giovanni

OOC Information

Player: Cliff Stone

Player Email: clifferystone@gmail.com

Storyteller Email: navst1@gmail.com

Location: CA01