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Name: Felix Rylee

Notable Traits: At 5'3" is shorter than average, and has piercing blue eyes that sometimes seem to gleam.

Type: Mortal

Character Type Subgroup: Wolf-blooded

Profession: Police Chaplain


  • Felix was born in Nelson, NZ, in 1985, with his family tracing back to German settlers.
  • He started hearing ghosts at an early age, and wanting to help them, which lead to Felix developing an interest in religion and the occult.
  • Felix left home to attend the University of Auckland in 2007, studying Religion and Philosophy and taking some classes at the Holy Cross Seminary, decided not to become a priest due to broadness of religious interests, and not really wanting to be Catholic.
  • He started chaplaincy in 2011, doing several years of clinical pastoral care at the Nelson Hospital while also getting involved with the police with the goal of becoming a chaplain. He started manifesting more psychic powers, including aura reading.
  • When the Icarus event occurred in 2012, Felix was heavily involved in dealing with people recovering from the tragedies through the hospital and the police, and the supernatural community was unable to adequately cover things up to prevent him from figuring out something happened.
  • 2012 was also the year he witnessed a werewolf change and became Wolf-blooded and suddenly able to see spirits as well as ghosts.
  • He has spent the years since then studying ghosts, spirits, and angels, becoming a hardened exorcist as well as police chaplain.
  • He moved to Wellington in 2019 in response to the unsettled spirit situation.

OOC Information

Player: Rebecca Gearhart US2012100174

Player Email: Arcsandaces@gmail.com

Storyteller: Beth Denton

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-codx-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: IC-Wellington, New Zealand; OOC-IL-009-D


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  • He is in a symbiotic relationship with a spirit of curiosity.
  • Spirits like Felix because it is easier for them to reach with him around.
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  • "Looking for Trouble" also known as Felix's "little spirit friend", "that little shit", and simply "Trouble." A ferret sized slinking cross between a cat and a snake with big eyes and clever little fingers, and fur made of ruffled pages of writing, Trouble is a curiosity spirit of forbidden knowledge that is often 'helping' Felix.



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