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Regent of the Third Circle


  • Confirmed
  • Accepted
  • Acknowledged
  • Guardian (While in Austin and in the absence of Elder Harpy Olivia Collins)
  • Favored by Elder Liam Kincaid
  • Courteous by Prince Emris of San Antonio
  • Honorable by Prince Coen Baanard of Austin
  • Loyal by Primogen Liam Kincaid of Austin


  • ~1870 - Felix appears in Austin as a Tremere neonate.
  • 1895 - Felix leads a discrete campaign against hedge-mages around Austin
  • 1933 - The Camarilla leaves Austin, Felix leaves Austin
  • 1933-1938 - A series of freak meteorological phenomena shield Texas from the worst effects of the Dust Bowl
  • 1967 - Felix embraces Serena Glass
  • 1999 - Felix leads a group of Tremere in assisting Tiberius Burke to retake Austin from the Anarchs for the Tower
  • 2005 - Appointed Talon by Elder Harpy Olivia Collins of Austin
  • 2009 - Felix's estranged sire, Elder Liam Kincaid, returns to Austin
  • 2013 - Felix embraces Thomas Milton
  • 7/1/2017 - Felix is appointed as a representative of several Elders in San Antonio, announcing and organizing a Symbel to foster cooperation between the Camarilla and the Independent Alliance


"Power doesn't change people. It reveals them."

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Auburn of hair and tall of stature, Felix has carved a swath of recognition West through the United States since their founding. Kindred in Austin know that Felix was instrumental in Prince Burke's reconquest of the city for the Tower; though how a political creature such as Felix aided such a ground assault bewilders some to this day.

Kindred outside Austin may know him alternately by the fraught term: "manifest destiny;" or by the sound of uncanny mortals falling silent as his eyes level upon them. Either way, Winchester has been known as an omnipresent fixture in the Ivory Tower political scene from Boston to Albuquerque since the Declaration of Independence.

Winchester is known to be perpetually occupied- some say distracted- by Clan matters, but still easily engrossed by the night-to-night of Kindred intrigue.

"Haven't you ever wanted to be in command?"
"More than I am? Any more and I'd hang myself."


  • Plastic: Anyone who pays attention can see that Felix sails the choppy seas of political opportunism, and he does it well. His demeanor and goals reflect this reality. His allies seem to benefit as readily as he does from this bent.
  • Impatient: While Felix is only too happy to listen to Elders speak- often ad nauseum- he displays a restlessness in such situations; as if wishing to tackle the problem at hand head-on. He tends to inadvertently interrupt his betters during plotting.
  • Loyal: Felix displays a loyalty that many Kindred find both uncanny and selective. His loyalty seems to skew equally toward the Kindred population as a whole and his own lineage.
  • Scattered: Felix often seems as if something is calling his attention away. Events seem to coalesce around him. As a busy Kindred, this may be expected, though some find his quasi-omnipresent distraction to be less than endearing.

With known associate Jack Carino, Virago of San Antonio


  • Some say he was originally to be embraced into clan Brujah.
    • This rumor may have basis in fact! Felix was heard to publicly volunteer that he was a former Brujah Ghoul during the Race weekend in Austin in 2017.
  • Without Felix, the American Revolution would not have been successful.
  • There are those who say that he conspired with the Primogen Council of San Antonio to save Prince Emris from being assassinated by Anarchs.
  • Prince Tiberius Burke was actually Felix Winchester in disguise.
  • Felix has strained relations with the Elders of his lineage, especially his Sire.
  • Without Felix, the Kine in Texas would've starved during the 30's.


Felix in discussion at the Founders' Day Ball
  • "Most Kindred only grow more brutal with time, but Felix has somehow managed to evolve instead." - Liam Kincaid
  • "I have served him for thirty two years. Through war and peace, feast and famine. All that I am has been shaped by his hands." - Rivkah Buchler
  • "Arrogant little prat has the gall to stand in the middle of my home and tell me what my Grandfather wishes. How can he hope to ascend to lofty heights with the weight of his balls holding him down?" - Liliana
  • He speak for the Elder, which seem like a good job for him. - Mad Dog
  • He rises to the challenges I place before him. No matter what they are, he is able to adjust and succeed. Think of this whenever you speak to him ; although his words are weighed and measured, so are yours by simply addressing him. - Channon
  • Such a charming Talon. I predict that we will be great friends. - Vengeance
  • He speaks quickly, hoping the words he chooses are pleasing. He does well to remember someone is always listening. - Alfonso Pisanob
  • Sometimes like he's totally chill, then it's like he remembers he's supposed to be a stick in the mud. Either that, or he's jelly she never ghouled or traded me. - Karma
  • "Competent. Attentive to detail. Diligent. These are all fine qualities, but I wonder if he's trying to look so many directions at once, so quickly, that he'll miss something important. That, or suffer a broken neck." - Simon Flint
  • "Kinda struck me as a bit of a poofter. /Not that there's anything wrong with that/, as they say. Seemed out of his league trying to run book making alongside a pro like Carino." - Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "Every now and then, I will see why I chose you. Was it really all that bad? I think not. We fought for the same thing then. Freedom." - Payback
  • "Han beveger seg gjennom politikken som en fisk i en elv. Han er heldig at hans far gjorde allierte med bjørnen." - Olaf
  • "He knows what he did to me and mine. He knows there's a debt needs be paid." - Clint
  • "He swims in deep water; he seems good at it." Sweeney
  • "A Toreador Talon? Well, yes, while I agree that is much more common, Felix has shown himself to be quite adept at the task." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "It's quite the professional demeanor he puts on, but I really quite prefer the glimpses of genuine excitement and alarm that can still be drawn from him." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "He is ambitious and carries himself with distinction. His voice bears conviction and an air of determination. I look forward to seeing his steps into his Elder years." - Virgil Silex
  • "When he asked my sire and I to assist him, I had arrow ready for him. I did not need it then." - Skoll
  • "He tries hard. I can appreciate that. But he needs to learn when he's in over his head before it's too late." - Katrina Moyoko
  • "What the like fuck is up with all that? I'm almost like feeling sorry for him after that massive shade his sire like threw him." - Karma
  • "Some days, a girl just don't know if she ought to be flattered or insulted. Good job, Talon." - Tamara Rose Linden
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Felix Winchester

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Kenny Kindrick
VST: Austin VST

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