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Fell in wolf form.

AhrounRed Talons

===Information Known by the Garou Nation===

Name: Fell-The-Beast

Notable Traits: Fell-The-Beast is a brown wolf at around the prime of his life, from the looks of it, touching on a sort of veteran status. He has a sort of presence to him that those inclined to animal behavior pick up on.

Pack: Unbroken Tusks (Totem: Boar)

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Rank: Athro

Camp: Lodge of the Predator Kings

Sept: None.

Fell-The-Beast is a traditionalist and a leader, seeing the Garou Nation as needing a strong leader with a backbone. Fell-The-Beast is descended from atleast two lines of proud Lupus warriors, the Get of Fenris Never-Gray and the Red Talon Scents-The-Spray. Fell-The-Beast is a staunch supporter of the old ways, and is fond of reminding others that Garou are not and never were human.

* Believes that Fera have their place, and it's not pretending to be Garou.
* He eats people.
* Has been to Mars, and says Nergal is a fine warrior.
* Believes and preaches that the Impergium should be restarted, killing murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and other undesirables..
* Rumor here.

* "You know how I like my sheep? Docile." Fell is fond of saying of humanity.


===Ties Sought!===
I'm looking for all kinds. Perhaps you ran together for a time. Perhaps you're one of his children. Maybe you were rivals at one point. I'm pretty open about it. Hit me up for ties or for ideas.

===OOC Information===

Player: Greg White

Player Email: gregw1987@gmail.com

Storyteller: John Scott

Storyteller Email: garouvst.bloomington.in@gmail.com

Location: Bloomington, IN (OOC: Franklin, IN)