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Commonly Known to Kindred Society


Name: Fang Bai Hu

Notable Traits: Feng is always dressed in traditional Buddhist garb. He has an unearthly scent of Lotus, black iris's, and has a cold aura. However, he seems Angelic, and imparts a sense of calm.

Society: Unaligned

Clan: Lasombra




Feng was embraced by Buddhist monks during his travels after he left the temple in Tibet. His sire and Grand Sire died during the attack of the Castle of Shadow. Since then, he has traveled the world, continuing his sires mission of bringing enlightenment of those around him. He has no political affiliation. He is known among Kindred society to assist those who needs help, whether his help comes in spiritual guidance, shelter, or advice. He regularly soothes the beast of those who struggle with it, as well as partaking in philosophical discussion with those who would entertain it. His new temple in Macon is a safe haven for those who seeks refuge. He does not bother with Kindred politics, as it impedes the path to enlightenment. When he is not acting as a religious and spiritual adviser, he acts as a negotiator for his House.

Mortal Timeline

  • [1300] Tibet, China: Feng Bai Hu was born
  • [1304] Tibet, China: Feng Bai Hu was brought to a Buddhist Temple near the borders of Nepal
  • [1320] Tibet, China: Feng left the temple to learn more about Hinduism in India.

Vampiric Timeline

  • [1320] Bangladesh, India: Feng is embraced by Kang Lin (7th gen npc)
  • [1370] Lisbon, Portugal: Feng is released from accounting.
  • [1404] Feng was at the Castle of Shadows to learn more about the Abyss
  • [1405] Feng was present during The attack on the Castle of Shadows where his Sire, Kang Lin, and Grand Sire, Yin Zhou, perished defending the Castle.
  • [1405-1406] Forest in Italy: Feng is taken into a secret location in the forest in Italy, where he mourns the loss of sire and grand sire.
  • [1494] Netherlands, Amsterdam: Feng is invited by Jebediah of Inglewood to their hold, to speak about the afterlife, and the Buddhist views of it.
  • [1635] Court in Belgium: Zanobi dala Vachio had never met a kindred of East Asian descent before and asked if Feng would pose for a sculpture.
  • [1636-1637] Amsterdam, Netherlands: Zanobi dala Vachio joins Feng and over the course of several months Feng poses several times for Zanobi to sculpt, and during these sessions He and Zanobi discuss philosophy, Buddhism, life, the universe, and everything. Zanobi keeps the Statue that he sculpts of Feng, a life-sized bronze of him sitting in the Lotus position.
  • [1680] New Amsterdam, New York: Feng visits the Order of the Talon's hold to welcome and congratulate their new leader Alenzia Talon Komnenos.
  • [1680] New Amsterdam, New York: Leena Patel seeks out Feng, after hearing of his arrival to the the states. They spend a couple of days discussing their various religions, practices, and histories.
  • [1800-1801] Paris, France: Sarah Celeste Ashwood sought out Feng, teach her the ways of meditation, and finding inner peace. They also exchanged information to one another, and discussed theology, philosophy, and the likes. In the year they spent together, he taught her how to soothe the inner beast, and to better maintain her calm.
  • [1810] Tangier, Morocco: Feng meets Rodrigo De Las Andes, who convinces him to join House Zekeriya, as a negotiator.
  • [1852] Sacramento, California: Moved to California to start Buddhist Temple.
  • [1853] Socal, California: Feng Meets Zia “Talon” Komnenos and gives her advice on how to appease her guilt.
  • [1853] Sacramento, California: Serafino Morreti approaches Feng's temple, to learn more about why a kindred such as himself, follows a path of Humanity, and practices such a religion.
  • [1853] Sacramento, California: Marcus Ashton visits Feng Bai Hu, at his Temple to discuss Religion and Philosophy.
  • [1855] Sacramento, California: Left the Temple to spread the word of Buddha
  • [1919] Indian Mounds Near Macon: Met Victor Nemoy and attempted to teach him on the ways of Buddha
  • [1920] Savannah Ga: Met Standing River while on his way to Florida. There Standing River had warned Feng to not enter Savannah, while they discussed Religion and Philosophy.
  • [1920] Savannah Ga: Ula Olafsdottir guides Feng around the City of Savannah for safe passage to Florida.
  • [1944] California, USA: Feng Bai Hu Travels back to his Temple
  • [1944] Sacramento, California: Feng Bai Hu meets Jaime Mendoza at his temple to give him guidance to enlightenment. He will regularly send mail to Mendoza
  • [1997] SoCal, California: Feng Bai Hu Meets Giulia Elena della Passaglia Giovanni, to discuss the afterlife, philosophy, and the Buddhist religion.
  • [1997] Sacramento California: Leon Harris meets Feng Bai Hu to discuss spiritualism and religion at his temple.
  • [1997] Sacramento California: Feng welcomes Haakon Rygg to his temple where he stays for a short while, discusses Eastern philosophy and religion.
  • [1997] Sacramento California: Miguel Bain travels to Feng’s temple to seek spiritual guidance over the loss of his Wife, as well to learn more about Buddhism.
  • [2009] Sacramento, California: Feng Bai Hu welcomes Kazimir Kruk into his temple and offers sanctuary and advice.
  • [2010] Cincinnati, Ohio: Feng Bai Hu is confronted by Gloria Palmer about his religious beliefs while passing through Ohio, and imparts Buddhist teachings to supplement her Christian views.
  • [2015] Sacramento, California: Feng’s Temple is mysteriously burnt down.
  • [2015] Sacramento, California: Feng leaves Sacramento to travel back to Georgia.
  • [2016] Indianapolis, Indiana: Feng gives spiritual advice, and support to Jack Nathaniel Johnson, Harold, and George reconcile over the loss of Charity
  • [2018] Macon Ga: Paris Devoreux Visits Feng while his temple is being built. There he learned about Buddhism, and some basics of martial arts.
  • [2018] Macon Ga: Moved to Macon Georgia
  • [2018] Savannah Ga: Feng moves to Savannah due to escape the threat of possible Hunters in Macon.

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • "The Path of Enlightenment, is yours at little cost."
  • "His voice calms the storm within and settles the beast back to it's depths. When my mind is in turmoil, I think back to our lessons and practices, and find peace within them." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "He is the calmest majister I've ever known, and he talks the talk. Though I do posit to him - the real is not always real - which is why he is in constant questioning, and why I always stay in my dream." - JM

Commonly Known Associates amongst Kindred Society

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