Fergus mac Elrath

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Commonly Known Information

Deedname: Leaps Before Stag
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Elder
Pack: Thunderstruck
Camp: Not Publicly Known


Fergus 2.jpg

This storied Elder is older than most. Somehow, he has survived nearly a century in the War despite always being where battle is hottest. Fergus has friends across the globe and across the tribes, but he spends most of his time visiting other Fianna. Only through the bonds of his family does he keep Harano at bay and all Fianna are his family.

Notable Traits

  • He is known to be much older than he looks.
  • Descended from Lughaid Stronghand, Theurge of the Fenian Cycle.
  • Speaks with an Irish Brogue most of the time.
  • Usually wearing plaid and a flat cap

Public Timeline

  • Born in County Cork, Ireland
  • Went the first change and joined the local sept at 15
  • Lost most of his pack to his Adren Challenge near Hadrien's Wall in Northumberland, UK during the second World War.
  • Created a Gland Klaive for the Ard Righ, Bron mac Fion as his Elder Challenge

Known Associates





  • He gives the Fetishes he makes dirty code names in his own records.
  • He thinks that his cousin, Bron mac Fionn, has failed as a leader and needs to be challenged.
  • His mother was a Corax Kin.


  • "I met Fergus at the time I needed him most, and he accepted me. I am welcomed by him in his tribe, and he is welcome at my hearth always." - Sylvi Anker Fannon
  • "I have a few years under my belt with him as a customer for traveling by boat. Pretty calm and collected man, I wouldn't want to see him angry." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "He is a respected Elder of The Tribe of Stag, He Has my respect & claws if he ever needs them." - Stags-Fury
  • "His long life has given him a calm mind and a passion for tradition, both things I respect greatly. His wisdom and strength were invaluable during his time at my Sept and if he have need of my claws or blade I will offer them without hesitation." - Thrall Larssen
  • "Thank you" - Annika
  • "He acted with the grace and ingenuity that befits an Elder. He took my joke of "You have been lei'd by SquadGoals" in stride and stepped up when called upon after Bronn's death. I understand why my Grandfather, Cedrick Fannon, speaks highly of him." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino

Inspiration & Influences

  • Mr. Wednesday from American Gods
  • Merlin
  • Gandalf
  • Santa Claus


Syr - Defiance

The Warrior's Code - Dropkick Murphys

OOC Stuff

Player: J. Andy Lambert

Player Email: Email Me

Storyteller: Adam Tomplait

Storyteller Email: Houcam.dst@gmail

Location: Houston, TX