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Fern "Fernie" S. Cherrywood
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Name:Fern "Fernie" Soliel Cherrywood
Position:Harpy of Seattle


Honorable by Phoebe Gwydion, Michel d'Avignon, and Baxter Bosworth
Guardian as Harpy of the Seattle domain


Hello everyone! My name is Fern Cherrywood but, call me Fernie. I currently a practicing nurse, obviously I only am on night shift. After moving to Seattle I have run into my great grand aunt and my primogen Desarae Preaue de Avignon. She has taken me into her home and I love it there. I am only 20 years old as a kindred. I am growing my status and I hope gain the trust of everyone while bringing all of the clans together. I do live for peace well, that is depending on who you talk to. My sire would agree, he has yet to leave me despite dying over a few months ago. My sisters, who had died so long ago, have yet to leave as well. They would disagree, tell you I just want to protect my own blood and no one else. I live in a constant back and forth between the three of them. Speaking of him, I did lose my left hand while I was trying to pull him out of the fire that night so if you are ever paired up to work with me, by choice or by force, thank you for your time! It means a lot to me. Moving on I am currently am in good standing with the Camarilla and I am not hated by the Anarchs which has landed me with the position of talon to Harpy Brenda Bittersea.

(ooc: A good way to tell who has the influence is to watch Fernie, if she is a few steps behind and to the right of Desarae it is her sire, if she is more "air headed" it's her sisters, finally if she is normal she will be doing her normal thing).

"I gotta do the right thing for my family. So I smile and say that the world is, just fine as these ... parasites eat up my spine. So I ask[ed] you once and I ask you again, Where do your roots start and where do your roots end "
- In this Moment (Roots)
Further Information
Character Apperance:

Fernie, looks to be about 19, has this silky, golden blonde hair, which is always decorated with tons of flowers on her left side of her head-her bouquet for the wedding her and her husband were going to have- on her right side nothing. Her clothing is the date night outfit she wore when her fiance was murdered-black and neud lingere top with leggings with mesh cutouts on the sides, black and gold high heels but she always carries the same shoe pattern in flat form, A choker with a chrystal on it(it was the last thing her fiance gave her) and a long black and gold necklace.

Notable Traits
  • Personal Masquerade
  • Oracular Ability
  • Permanent Wound
  • Addiction - Sedatives
  • Haunted
Early Childhood and Derangement Description:

When she was young she loved helping everyone, anyone she met was instantly her friend or her family. Her young child hood was normal- warm nights, strong father, loving mother, nothing could've As her and her two sisters, they were twins, grew up she she loved and cared for them all so much. Once she reached her teen years she noticed her sisters dangerously far away. When she talked the void would answer. On the same night she walked in on both her sisters slitting each others throats. The questionably sweet and potent smell filled the air, the crimson viscous liquid covered her in blood as she tried everything to help them, unfortunately she couldn't help. Forever tramatised and disturbed. She couldn't tell if her psyche was playing tricks on her but, she saw her two sisters walk into her room and warned her of the terrors that he father would being in the upcoming months. At first she didn't believe them and kept everything to herself, which was a terrible mistake. She witnessed her father get very abusive towards her mother she had seen him slapped her multiple times. A few nights after the voices of her sisters came into her head and kept repeating "Daddy has lost his head, Fernie you know what you must do to protect us." She refused to do so willingly. Later that night she went to get some water and she saw her mother and father fighting again but, it was different this time. Her father got in her face and yelled "GET BACK TO BED." The normal Fernie had blacked out she didn't know what happened next until after it happened. Her "Hyde" side came out aka her two sisters. They had gone to the sink and started getting water. As their father got closer to Fernie's body. Her sisters said "You've lost your head dad." In a fit of confusion and rage he grabbed a knife and said "GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW." Her sisters grabbed a different knife. Not having much combat training they just tripped their father. As he fell the knife flung out of his hands. The sisters wasted no time in slitting their fathers neck and whispered to him "Sleep well" They continued to cut off their dad's head and proclaimed "We've found your head dad," when they had finished. Slowly coming back into conscientiousness she saw what she had done and broke down crying. She was sent to an asylum for a few years and got out due to her mother pulling her out of the asylum. During Fernie's trip to the asylum she learned that her sisters come out when she is threatened or scared.

How she was Embraced:
On the night of her 19th birthday she was forced to leave her family behind because her new fiance wanted to move to the USA, from England. The city she knew as Seattle. As the days got closer and closer she couldn't choose between her family or the love of her life. A week later it was decision day, how did she choose? a flip of a coin. which led to the un-fateful night. When they had arrived at the new city, She immediately registered with the best hospital in the city and upon hearing her name she was instantly accepted though she changed her last name prematurely to Lunarwood-her fiances last name. A month later her fiance-Chaiston- took her to a bar. She had a few drink and started to feel funny, not intoxicated she knew that feeling but something seemed off... all she can remember is waking up to see a bunch of "vampire", at the time she didn't know her fiance was a vampire, hunters who were standing over the decapitated corpse she knew as her love. she ran over to his corpse and streaked "You all bring him back now." The leader carrying the murder weapon said "We can't do that he is long gone." She lost her temper and grabbed the leaders throat and said ever so harshly "You bring him back now or it will be your head on a silver platter." The leader lit a match and through it on her fiances corpse. She then blacked out. she didn't remember what happened next but the first thing she saw in the morning was his head on a golden platter, burns on her hands and two holes on her neck, she knew they were bite marks since her fiance use to feed on her, as she touched them she herd a lot of voices, her sisters and her fiances, going off at the same time.
  • You tell me.

"She seems to have not yet succumbed to everything that her family is, but she's well on her way down the road. Sometimes I thinks she wants help, but she never does quite ask. Sometimes not interfering with someone else's personal choices is a b***." - Jentry Nix
"She is growing into a beautiful young Kindred. She does her clan well as Primogen. She is naive yet, but she has the killer spirit that drives us as a family." - Michel d'Avignon
“Sweet Sweet Fernie, I am always surprised that she is a member of the d’Avignon family.” – Baxter Bosworth
"I haven’t figured out yet if Fernie just has the d’Avignon charm, or if she’s genuinely a nice person." Jo Harris
"Your Quote Here." You

"I would have loved you for a thousand years. I would have died for you. I would have sacrificed it all my dear. I would have bled for you. Til death do us part you were unholy right from the start."
- In This Moment (Black Wedding)

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Out of Character
  • Repo: The Genetic Opera
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Maria Brink
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