Fights in the Shade

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A Home overrun, an enemy that never sleeps, and the will to take his revenge...

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Vincent Spencer Castle

Deed Name: Fights in the Shade

Notable Traits: [1]

  • He looks older than he really is.
  • Mark of the Predator
  • Sign of the Wolf

Rank: Athro

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Camp: Lords of the Summit

Faction: Concordat of Stars

Breed: Metis

Auspice: Ahroun

Pack: L337 Freaks

Sept: Sept of Fallen Heros [2] Macon, GA

Positions: Wyrmfoe & Guardian

Monkiers & Renown:

  • Innate (Athro): 2 Glory, I Honor, and 1 Wisdom
  • Abiding (Wyrmfoe): 1 Glory & 1 Honor
  • Fleeting: 2 Glory & 2 Honor
  • Monikers: Champion & Hero (9/16/17 - 11/18/17)

Lineage: Mother and Father

  • Iyanna "Shade's Tempest" Spener, Athro Shadow Lord, Galliard, Homid (status: deceased)
  • Joesph "Silent Thunder" Castle, Adren Shadow Lord, Theurge, Homid (status: deceased)


  • 1991: Born Thursday, November 21, 1991, 11:55 PM
  • 2000: First Change

A young girl raced into the family restaurant, Castle Cafe, being chased by a vampire. She screamed and the scent of blood in the air enraged a son protecting his parent's territory while they were away. The girl was a kinfolk and a newly changed Vincent mended her waiting for his parents. His first change was human, and the change did two things: one, this was his territory and two, a love of clawless hands.

  • 2001: A Mentor Rises

Altough having met Ashley before, Vincent is taken in garou life under Ashley when she was Den Parent Ashley teaches Vincent how to be a wolf, and more importantly how to be a human, at least act like them Develops close bonds with his rising mentor and den parent Ashley and kinfolk girl Mary Anne Mercer Spends years under Ashley's direct care and training, even though younger garou go through their Rite of Passage

  • 2006: Rite of Passage

Success of hunting and killing a wyrm minion without getting caught, tracking, and acting in natural or urban environments. Mother and father starting teaching him to work and cook in the restaurant to calm him gained a love of cooking. Started making money and learning to survive and make due among humans...loved a few quick arcade games at the mall.

  • 2007: Derangement Consequences

Being placed into omega status made him frenzy against garou of higher rank. He lost the duel but not before putting to shame higher ranked garou and scarring him. Reputation had others challenge his metis and now omega status, spent more time alone, cooking with family. Destructive tendencies to metis derangement switched often from physical to mental means. Scarred garou victor continued pressing Vincent, over the course of a few months drove rival to suicide from a mental breakdown.

  • 2008: War for Macon

Pack hopped at least half a dozen times often to packs lacking an ahroun. Many garou unnerved at Vincent\'s quiet and calm, calculated kills Frenzies to the thrall of the wyrm in summer campaign left for dead, and returned to sept... doesn't talk about this. Although doesn't show lack of control to others, his seeming lack of emotions doesn't garner much trust. Into the fall, resorts to packing with parents because no one else wants to pack with him, often working alone. During the fall of the Sept of the Raging Blood, his parents stay behind and order Vincent to gets others to safety. Ashley has to physically hold and take Vincent away to get him out with the others. He sees less of Ashley during this time that others see as resentment but follows her flawlessly He doesn't lose any garou nor kinfolk during the fall, but does see the fallen garou now Dancer was the one he thought brought to suicide Fleeing from the caern was the last time Vincent saw his parents alive.

  • 2009: Wyrm takes Macon

Seeing the consequences of his derangement... a fallen garou, one more enemy, one less ally, and the loss of a holy weigh heavy on his soul. He remains pack-less during this time getting as many kinfolk and garou out of the city as possible. Lives in the woods and wylds around Macon killing any wyrm minions that reach out of the city. The only place he stays for any period of time is his restaurant. Kinfolk Mary Anne Mercer returns and helps, runs the restaurant. Vincent falls in love with kinfolk, Mary Anne Mercer, but keeps an emotional distance. Except for Mary Anne, this is a rather lonely and savage period only really getting aid from her and cooking.

  • 2012: Macon Fights Back

Joins the Sept of the Fallen Heroes as a guardian, regaining more purpose and hope outside kinfolk and cafe. Pack hops to help find and bring in any aid, survivors, and to an extent is successful but never finds traces of parents. Gains new reputation for counter attacks and assaults to keep as many garou and kinfolk alive. Becomes Fostern and deeded "Fights in the Shade" for his guerrilla campaign.

  • 2014: Hope in Hitchiti

Falls in line with a tribal advance into allies among fera and adopts a change or die attitude. Spends time with anyone to better learn means to take his home back. Less frenzies, derangement destructive outburst, and time alone than before...even learns to tell a joke from time to time. Outside of sept structure for he gets no political advantage, spends much downtime with Ashley again as old friends. Castle Cafe wins a Foodie... Best French food for the Dollar

  • 2017: The Story Continues...


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Friend, Co-Workers, Others


L337 Freaks Is a pack dedicated to The Cloud, a spirit of Wisdom. Their Primary goal, at this time, is the elimination of the wyrms' hold on Macon, GA. This is usually done through precision lightning strikes against high-value targets and information gathering followed by taint cleanup.


OOC Information

Player: Kirk McCullar US2013080113

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kirk McCullar

Storyteller Email:

Location: Macon, GA