Fights the Current

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Lupus Rokea Ahroun

Fights the Current

Blue Shark.jpg


Long Fins Name: None.
Deed Names:

  • On the Surface: "Test Bite"
  • In the Shallows: "Fights the Current"


  • "None"

Physical Descriptions:

  • Long Fins: A somewhat awkwardly dressed man with a frown and crossed arms. Not much distinguishes him from anyone else save for a necklace of shark teeth.
  • Squamus: A blue shark with multiple scars. His necklace grows with him and grow longer and sharper
  • Standing Jaws: A towering mass of blue skin and razor sharp teeth.


  • Blood Sustains - Necklace of Shark's Teeth
  • Curious Courage - A flashing silver necklace

Other Notes:

  • Defender of a dead Grotto
  • Not a Member of the Nation

Current Age: 57 Apparent Age: 30


Crashing Breakers
  • Pack Totem: Njord
  • Leader: Kun's Vengeful Voice
  • Pack Members: Laughing Jack

Basic Timeline

  • 1950 - Fights the Current is born off the Coast of England around noon
  • 1952 - First Change
  • 1953 - Earns his Deed Name 'Test Bite'
  • 2000 - The Grotto begins to die. Efforts are made to save it, but the Grotto would not recover.
  • 2004 - Completes Fostern Challenge and declares himself to be Fights the Current. While the rest of the grotto move on, Fights stays to defend the ruins in case one day it can be restored.
  • 2018 - An ancient pipeline that should pump purified water to the Grotto instead starts pumping poison to the grotto. Fights examines and learns of issues with the Wolves and leaves the water to try and figure out what is going on.
  • 2018 (August) - After speaking to the Qyrlfoe of the Sept of the Eastern Skies, he comes ashore to learn of a dangerous Qyrl spirit attacking a cage for animals and joins, hoping to learn more about the False Island. Gains Spirit Infamy (Turtles)
  • 2008 - Reponded to a call for aid in moving a Caern Seed
  • 2009 - Engaged the forces that would assist Wildenburg and bit the device he would use to escape in to many pieces.

Quotes and Rumors

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  • "Consider the fact that a shark will spend its entire life in continual motion; Fights the Current is not so much a Rokea, but a force of nature." - Alex Drake
  • "This one has sense. For the first time, I'll buy that Jaws was slander." - 'Spector
  • "The Ghost Wolves never asked me to not use Gulp on the plague Dead but I got from them the impression they would prefer I not use it to deliver corpses to them ever again."
  • "A stranger to our ways, but he came to aid my sept and answered the call fought with honor and left when he was done without so much as expecting anything in return. He has my respect!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
  • "I grew up in the mountains, and I thought I hadn't seen the sea until I was a young woman. I now understand that it wasn't until I fought alongside Fights the Current did I truly see the Sea." - Spins Silver
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Out of Character

Format inspired by Michael Kingsley

Player: Aaron VD

Player Email:

Storyteller: Dan C

Storyteller Email:

Location: Boston, MA