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Top Notch Whoremanship

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Name:Fleur Sablux
Creature Type:Changeling
Union:Entertainer’s Union
Profession:Porn Star
IC Email:fleur.sablux@gmail.com

Outward appearance: Long deep brown hair, green eyes, full lips. She is 5’10” with a voluptuous body. She looks around 30 years old.

Mien Description: She looks like a succubus. She has horns, wings, and a pointed tail, and her skin is red, black hair, and purple eyes.

Needle: Bon vivant

Thread: Joy


  • [The Kiss] - Vitali - Fleur met Vitali, a vampire that took her for a ride, for a many day long drug/alcohol/Kiss fueled fuck fest. She lost the days and didn't think of her past during that time. She felt The Kiss for the first time, which truly grounded her. It was the first time she felt connected to something real. Of all of her partners, she was left impacted by this experience the most. She remains addicted to The Kiss, seeking it out however she may. She occasionally hears from Vitali, who sends her coordinates to a place she could never reach in time, simply to fuck with her.
  • Antares Daltanian - Her first true friend after the hedge. He truly took her in and gave her the family she never had.

"Your organs could be replaced."
- Fleur to Antares Daltanian
Things to know
Notable Traits
  • Nebula Mantle 5
  • Long dark brown hair
  • Striking looks
  • Maxed Presence
  • Fame 2
"Oh baby, I can fit 2 in my cockpit."
- Fleur to barmates

Fleur Sablux was born, and immediately abandoned as an orphan. She was brought up in the orphanage and was very sheltered. When she was 23, she began to seek out new experiences, deciding one night to spend it with a man she was drawn to, almost inexplicably. Before she could do so, she was taken, and chained into a music box for years. Her sense of self destroyed, she sang for her Keeper when wound. One day, a musician, inspired by her song, stole her from her Keeper, and set her free to fly from the music box.

She returned to find her world completely changed. She never had family, and she was exiled from her home. She had nothing and no one. So she began hitchhiking across the Galaxy, finding new experiences, seeking new highs. One night, at a seedy Waystation, she ran into a man playing guitar. He played a song she remembered from when she was a child, playing with dolls in the orphanage. She was drawn to him. He ended up getting into a bar fight, and she helped him escape punishment by the security officers by charming them. He grabbed her hand and brought her to his ship, to serve her drinks and lines and learn her story, before he bit her, feeding on her, sending him into a trip he had never experienced before. The experience screwed with him. He started mumbling about Nosferatu and other things she couldn't understand. He drew on her body with blood and spoke in a language she didn't understand. Over the three nights, he gave her three drinks of his blood, bonding her to him. After a few days of non stop, mind blowing sex, drugs and alcohol, they stopped at a Waystation.

After, Vitali sent her to get some drinks before leaving her at the Waystation, alone. For her, she constantly wonders why. She questions her worth and what she did wrong. In truth, Vitali had needed some blood for the ride and had gotten a bit more than he bargained for. He was concerned about her blood and what it did to him and chose to avoid it altogether. Eventually, he thought of her enough to send her a message, coordinates to his last location, wondering if she would go there. He laughed at the idea of a random hookup chasing him across the Galaxy. Though she attempted, eventually once she landed on the Eridani, she set out with new purpose. Her goal was to seek out musicians and inspire them just long enough to destroy them. Gracing the universe with new art grown with her beauty and poise, while taking out her frustrations on those who act almost as Vitali Fetches.

Before she landed on Eridani, Antares Daltanian picked her up and helped her gain a sense of self and purpose. He needed her, and she needed him, and they began a casual, mutually beneficial, uncomplicated relationship. They had a lot in common, and were able to travel in harmony. She joined his crew on the SC Scorpio.

"Vanya, oh my God, I’m sober. This is a crime."
- Fleur to Vanya

  • Fleur is in a blood bond with another vampire.
  • Fleur came to Eridani to escape the hedge.
  • Fleur is an addict.
  • Some say she has fallen victim to stagnation
  • She'll do anything for someone with a pretty face.

  • "Evidence that although they see themselves above humans, these creatures aren't any better at holding their mind-altering substances." - Evander Katharos
  • "Mmmm...Fleur. One of my favorite playmates. Such a deliciously naughty mind." - Persy
  • "I like her. I don't like a lot of things. But I like her." - Magnus
  • "Fleur is the light that keeps drawing me back to Eridani. Gorgeous, clever, and the heart of whatever party she's at." - Vanya
  • "I promise that if this is a trap I am going to eat my laser gun and pull the trigger" - Antares Daltanian
"I'm the only one not seeing any action. Have I lost my edge? ZEE IS THIS THE STAGNATION?!"
- Fleur to Zee
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  • The Morrigan

Theme Song: Lost - Within Temptation

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