Flies Strange Paths

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Name: Flies Strange Paths
Breed: Corvid
Species: Corax
Rank: Adren
Location: Bastion of Light's Keep

Notable Features

  • Boonie Hat

Pack - None


Once he was a lowly Raven, changed into a being drawn to the stars. Although he spent many years digging through secrets and strange lands, he did not spend much time in the Septs of the Garou, coming and going without forming ties.

While Flies does not fight with his talons, he does not fear combat- even danger is better than boredom.

Flies hatched March 21, 1995, a Corvid who flew amongst normal Ravens.

In 1998, something strange happened. While he had always been different from the other Ravens, now he was so much more.

Now, finally, in 2017 he has been called by something inside of him to help with the forming of a Sept in Atlanta.


  • "Please add one!" - Name
  • "Please add one!" - Name
  • "Please add one!" - Name


  • Please add one!
  • Please add one!
  • Please add one!

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Player: Mark Zohn
VST: Elexeia Rouse
DC: Daniel Dobbins