Florence, Texas

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Sect: Independent Alliance


  • ~1850's - Settled
  • ~1920 - The Renaissance and The Sandstorm open

Lucy Giovanni's brothel has appeared in many small towns in the American West, but none for as long as its current location in Florence, Texas. It's been decades since The Renaissance openly ran as a brothel, being currently marketed as a throwback theme saloon with entertainment and a few overnight rooms. The Renaissance's employees specialize in specialties, serving Kindred needs with the utmost discretion and a complete lack of judgment. The old-fashioned parlor and bar are popular meeting places for members of the Independent Alliance, Anarch Movement, and Camarilla alike. Beyond the front of the house, an unknown number of rooms provide valuable privacy for the satisfaction of unmentioned vices.

Current & Former Employees:



Known for debauchery and a libertine atmosphere, the Sandstorm caters to a diverse set of clientele taking full advantage of the open space outside of Austin proper.

The Rules of the Club are as follows

  • 1. Take any trouble outside
  • 2. No possession or dealing

It's known that the house has no tolerance for breaking of the last rule. Those found carrying are quickly found and thrown out. It is unheard of for someone to actually be dealing in the Sandstorm, but rumors spread stories of would be dealers being found in alleyways ODing on their own stash.

Current & Former Employees:


The Manor Hotel has been a fixture in Florence for nearly a century. Its owner and proprietor, Vittoria Giovanni, runs the hotel as a strictly neutral institution and will not tolerate any violence.

"Madame Lucy provides a service that is never unprofitable. For a modest fee, she will grant your heart's desire. For a somewhat less modest fee, she will provide that which you were unaware you needed. She is always one to keep on speed dial should events proceed less than swimmingly, and I do speak from experience." - Felix Winchester
"Lucy's place is like a one stop shop for vice. I mean it is literally like if Buc-ee's was a vice den instead of a place with really clean restrooms and beaver nuggets. Come to think of it, the restrooms at Lucy's are always clean, and so are the beaver nuggets." - Jaxon
"There's nothing wrong with being a regular. I know what I like." - Payback
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Florence, TX

This page is for the in-game location of Florence, Texas.
VST: Daniel Briscoe
VSS: Austin, TX