Florina Zantosa

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OOC Information

Kit C.

iVST TW Sabbat

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Information known by the Sabbat

Clan: Tzimisce
Social Class: Initiated
Faction: Order of St Blaise
Path: Path of Cathari
Position: TBC


Florina Zantosa is what happens when the Tzimisce has a family of revenants that should be Toreadors. A hedonist with her clan's sense of morality, Florina's nights seem to involve indulging in whatever fun there is to be had. And if she can't have it, she'll just take it instead - though usually through slippery means. She's not one for a fight unless the odds are decidedly in her favour: "I'm not a gladiator, I'd be the one on the chaise lounge eating grapes and giving the thumbs down."

Florina purports to be some kind of artist, though exactly *what* she considers art (and, given the Tzimisce, whether you really want to know) is less certain; she does seem to have her finger on the pulse when it comes to moods and trends, though. During the 1990s she was regularly seen about town, though in these modern nights she's largely gone to ground: she's only rarely seen around town unless there's a meeting going on.

Florina's appearance is clearly a little sculpted, although not enough to attract attention. Her features are largely smooth, and her face is almost perfectly symmetrical - most human faces have at least a slight bias toward either side, so this creates an uncomfortable uncanny valley effect. Most mortals would put it down to plastic surgery; most kindred know better. Her hair is kept short, a pixie crop of near-white blonde, her figure lithe and pallid. She speaks with an Eastern European accent, although her English is faultless.


Questions about Florina's history usually meet a bemused eyebrow, as if everyone knew of the great revenant families of the Tzimisce. She was raised as a servant, but, unlike the paltry, blood-doped minions of most kindred, the Tzimisce appreciated that their assistants required the freedom to explore more creative endeavours. Thus she became an artist (doing what? 'Capturing what it means to be a child of Seth, as only a Cainite can appreciate') in her home country, and for years spent hours upon hours each day, sitting with the high society of the country, listening to their whispers and reporting back. She is never very specific as to where or when this was, although her accent and name would suggest somewhere in or near Romania, and her attachments to modern entertainment would suggest the 19th or 20th century. Florina seems to have a solid knowledge of art, able to tell the difference between a Van Gogh, a Van Dyck and a Van Dyke.

Florina arrived in Sheffield in the early 1990s to 'oversee interests'; given the prominence of Romania's steel industry it's likely that her sire had asked her to run certain projects. Whatever they were, Zantosa no longer seems to focus on them. On arrival, she quickly embraced the city's culture, bemoaning the demise of the 'hole in the road' fish tank, insisting Richard Hawley was superior to Pulp (even when Hawley joined Pulp), and championing The All Seeing I. During the chaotic years of 1999 and beyond she more or less vanished, though still seems to have been able to keep tabs. In the higher echelons of society, she speaks eloquently of the Graves Gallery and the latest productions at the Crucible; in the lower, she has heard the latest Arctic Monkeys bootlegs and knows when to mention that Hendos is better than ketchup, even if she's never tasted either.

Despite this cultural dalliance, Florina is devout. She seems to have embraced the traditions of Bogomilism, a precursor to Catharism, claiming that her sire (and his sire before) were adherents to the tradition. Bogomils believed that the Earth was a material world created by Satan and that the trappings of the material world were imprisoning the spirit. Although this was condemned as heretical by the Catholic church, if anything this only serves as a source of amusement; Florina has absolute belief in Cainite philosophy, and participates as a member of the Order of St Blaise to further ties with the children of Seth. As a Bogomil Cainite, Florina views it a near sacred duty to enjoy excess. She disguises her excess with charity, and while many of the Order could be sneered for being too close to the herd, Florina's views are unabashedly callous: now, more than ever, the Sabbat needs influence in the mortal world if it is going to survive.