Flux's Warning of Transgression

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I have you, a small clever story about a pack of whelps, who thought that once they reached Fostern, knew all in the world, ready to explore. To claim their birthrights among the spirits and travel into the Umbra.
Let me tell you the story of the mistake they made in picking the realm of the Wyld. The Wyld should be our friend but it is more, for the Wyrm is not the only Triat you should fear.

This is why you should not transgress within the Flux.

We sat off on our course. Young, full of life, ready to take that which is ours.

Young and stupid.

We thought, let us pick a realm. One that is closest to that which is our ally.


Creation at its core, we thought, maybe, just maybe, we could make something too!

It’s not the journey there that is interesting, no. It’s the boring part.

The best comes once we entered.

There before us was the realm of the Wyld in birth and creation. Excited, we wasted no time in trying to make that which we wanted. Something to bring back and show our strength.

We shaped and molded, we fought against the flow, how mighty we were! Look at us as we did these things, how we held closely to our forms and wants.

But plans change.

The realm began to fight back against our motives, shifting and roiling below our feet and hands. It did not like we were trying to create of our own, control that which is meant to change.

We began to fear.

Then the ground started to give way and we fled.

As we ran, it manifested behind us. The realm of Flux, a behemoth, body and face ever shifting.

Then it came for us.

One by one, each of them fell, each of them became a part of that which manifested and took its anger and offence upon us. Consuming each of my pack mates until they were no more.

Then it was only I that was left.

Unable to find where we had once entered, I coward before the shifting realm, towering over me, I had balled, rolling to my back, belly exposed, pissing myself and begging.

“Your arrogance demands contrition.” The voice flooded from everywhere.

“Anything!” I cried, reduced to a whelp crying.

“Give me that which is most important to you, I will let you leave but you will tell the tale to teach others that the Flux is to be respected!” Like the voice swelled my head.

It was then, once more in my arrogance, I thought, I will trick the spirits! I will give it something which it cannot claim from me. To leave whole and unharmed.

“I will give you that which is so dear!” I howled, “I will give you that which is my beauty!”

Little did I know what Beauty was, the spirit knew well.

“It is done!” Booming as it moved towards me.

I thought, I did it! I am in the clear, I will be able to go home in one piece!


The shifting behemoth swept me up in its mouth and chewed. The pain, I remember passing out and waking once more, denied to forget it. My face, eaten from my skull, my eyes sucked from their sockets, my once beautiful shadowy fur, dirtied. A delicacy to be savored. When it was done, I was spat out, blinded, bare, in pain and a mass of flesh and fur.

“Be GONE!” It’s twisting paw, hoof, limb, whatever it was, hit me so hard, I was ejected from the realm.

I woke days later to find myself shunned by so many, which began my journey and my fall to Harano. My pack gone and dead. My travels alone for months to come. A pact made to spirits so that others forget me, the only way I had survived as long as I have.

Many had ask whether in their mind or openly to me then, when confronted anywhere I visited.

How, they say, how did you get the antlers? Well, my friends, they are the bones of my packmates, given to me by the Flux to carry with me, to remind me the prices paid of our mistake and their lives taken in our arrogance.

What about your eyes?! It gave me one single glowing orb like that of a dying sun so that I may see upon myself, the wrongs we had committed, that I had done, the costs bought by me to just to live another day.

We thought it would be fun.
We thought we knew better.
We thought we knew all.
We thought all was ours.
We thought wrong.
Only I know, now.
Only I am left to tell this warning.

This ends my story of the warning from Flux.

Executioner's Resolve
Cursed by Flux
Galliard of the Nation
Adren of the Uktena
Alpha of the Black Turtle Pack
Member of the Sept of the Rising Moon