Flux O'Fannon

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Filippa Luxana O'Fannon

Date Of Birth: 11.18.4090

Deed Name: Walks Softly

Nickname: Flux, Flip, Flippa

Notable Traits: Braided violet/indigo mohawk; large hazel eyes from living on a low-light world

Supernatural Type: Uratha (Werewolf)

Supernatural Subtype: Ithaeur

Supernatural Affiliation: Iron Masters, Lodge of the Forge

Current Union Membership: Conservators Union

Chartered Company: The Spire Cargo & Salvage

Flux O'Fannon, Iron Master ithaeur


Born on Vangyr to a starship designer and a daughter of a lesser noble house, Filippa O'Fannon spent most of her childhood crawling through half-built bulkheads and partially-assembled engines in the Vangyr Shipyards. It was only natural that she follow in her father's footsteps and become a great engineer and mechanic herself.

An unfortunate accident cut her rising career short when her First Change saved her from being crushed while working in the shipyards, and she was evicted from the Core in accordance with the Supernatural Suppression Act.

She was hired on as mechanic and engineer for the Spire by Capt. Arellius, based out of Titan, and joined the local Uratha pack. Now she keeps the Spire running and the pack's totem spirit happy, while learning what it means to be Uratha.


  • She's the strongest werewolf on Titan. I saw the spirits' marks myself.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Jessica Troy

Player Email: free.magick@gmail.com

Storyteller: Bryan Fowler

Storyteller Email: Sanantonio.Space@gmail.com

Location: San Antonio, TX

Inspiration: Mercy Thompson, Kaylee Fry, Fluttershy

Dollmaker Link: Sci-fi Warrior (feminine), Sci-fi Warrior (masculine)