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Character Description

Name: Flynn Valerie Mason

Type: Lost

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Hunterheart

Union: Mercenary Union

Position: Chief of Security - Nightstone Casino



Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 30

Actual Age: unknown

Height: 5'8

Hair: White

Eyes: Golden Brown.

Build: Athletic

Notable Traits: Wolf-like eyes, elongated nails.


Height: 6'8

Hair: White

Eyes: Golden Brown

Build: Very Muscular and Built

Special Physical Qualities:: Bloodied Maw, and paws while having fought a lot. Lessens when she has not. Giant White Humanoid Wolf.

Known Timeline

  • 4030 - Born in the core to a military family, only girl.
  • 4048 - She was drafted to the Navy and served an 8 year tour of duty.
  • 4057-4091 - She disappeared.
  • 4091/2 - Ended up on Wayfinder Station in the Verge.
  • 4118 - Becomes Chief of Security for Nightstone Casino.

Public Information

- Due to he non-feminine nature, she has been mistaken for a man before.

- Veteran of the Silent War, left the Navy as Petty Officer 3rd Class after a 8 year tour of duty.

- Recently she has accepted a job as the Chief of Security for Nightstone Casino.


  • The War left her feeling empty.
  • Rumored to be an excellent card player taking pity on a poor soul secretly guiding him to actually win his beloved companion.
  • Really wants to be a pretty princess.
  • Pretends not to be a dresdenite so she can keep her job.
  • As Nova rolls around, she has become known as Queen Flynn.
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  • "Someone I care for. And who cares for me. A deep kindness lingers beneath a warrior's courage." - Iskra
  • "She's a fellow member of my Court. And a decent fighter. I'll have to spar with her soon." - Ehroth
  • "She's a survivor. Also a great hunter. I look forward to seeing where that takes her." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • Flynn is courageous and devoted to those she places her faith upon. I look forward to seeing what path she walks in this new life." -Alek Hawthorne
  • "I've known Flynn most of my life. She has this amazing knack for showing up when I need help or when she thinks I could use a bit more trouble in my life. Always interesting to find out which one it is." - Calli
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Friends, allies, and others

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OOC Information

Player: Rhianne Newsom

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jake W

Storyteller Email:

Location: Chicago, IL.

Original Code by: Cali C.