Formation of Black Turtle Pack

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You may hear stories of others, chasing off after Incarna Turtle, prove themselves of mighty and great heroes of the Nation. To bring back that which was lost to all.

This is not that story.

This here is a story of three who sought to reclaim that which is closest to home. Where small and humble wolves seek to take back their own.

This story starts many rotations of Helios and Luna before the quest to seek out a totem.

I am Executioner’s Resolve, Galliard of the Nation and Adren to the Uktena and I will share you this tale.

Before the fall or story of Incarna Turtle reaches our ears, I met one named Tor Varg of the Get of Fenris. A Homid wolf older than myself but had proven that he is not like his ancestors when they first came to the New World, the Pure Lands.

Like him, I am also not like my ancestors. Seeking to change perceptions of one another.

Then I met another, a Fostern Ragabash of the Uktena, James Nighthorse.

We had already proven ourselves to one another many passings ago and deemed we were ready to make a pack, to be closest and prove our joint efforts. For days we discussed what spirit would help us towards our collective goals. Many spirits were suggested, many did not say yes.

I suggested, upon the news of Incarna Turtle’s fall, we must focus where we know we can succeed. This means we knew our limits, we could not chase after no Incarna or we would do more harm than good.

Instead, we sought to reclaim spirits within our own homes and territories. To find, return, cleanse and convince one to be our Totem in unity. Unity across Tribes, Unity across Factions.

This led us down an Umbral journey to seek out a Jaggling Turtle. We crossed many lands within the Penumbra in hopes of finding one but our searching was without fruition for a long while. For all the spirits that said no, we knew we must prove ourselves in a greater act of duty.

Not until just before the the new full moon did we find something within the streams near by.

What we found was Alligator Snapping Turtle.

He had been corrupted but not fallen. Wallowing within the creek banks of the Umbral territory of a place we sought to claim as our own. No, he had fallen. I sensed it within Him now that I had a chance to see.

We knew we needed to save him but knew caution was needed. We cannot save all but just one is all we strived to do.

His anger leaked out upon seeing Tor Varg, from the Get of Fenris, like vile and venom on the tongue.

“Wyrmcomer!” Alligator Snapping Turtle roared, bile spewing from his beak. “It was not enough to take away our lands. You come for us once more!”

Alligator Snapping Turtle, he was so angry, so confused, lost and hurt. He sought vengeance against the ones he saw as evil but did not see the evil within His own heart.

He attacked.

Tor Varg allowed him to take his anger on him. His arm taken within the vice jaws of the Spirit, threatened to have his arm ripped from the joint, while James Nighthorse began to work distractions so that the Get of Fenris did no have to share the burdens alone.

I know I am no Theurge but I am Uktena, and I learn from my last lesson what needed to be done. Seeing my two brothers struggle, I knew my own strength would not make the difference. I knew I had to find help.

Tor Varg and Nighthorse would distract Alligator Snapping Turtle while I sought out an already awake spirit, performing the Rite of Accord to share myself with the spirit, to beg of it to help cleanse the lost Jaggling. To which the spirit agreed. We both ran for my brothers.

The spirit I asked of aid, came and placed a cleansing circle down but it was our jobs to bring the angry spirit to the circle but we had to change his mind before he entered, lest the circle breaks.

I came to help my new found brothers. They have taken such a beating. I healed them and it enraged the spirit.

“You turn on Middle Brother!” It roared, “You aid the Wyrmbringers that need to be removed! You will all be removed!”

So then he came for me.

“Honorable Spirit!” I began to plead, racing away and towards the circle. “Your anger is misdirected, he is not like his ancestors! We come to save you!”

“LIES!” He roared, almost deafening.

“That’s what she said.” Rebuked Nighthorse, being completely not serious in this whole fight, I thought the Spirit would swallow him whole!

I was not fast enough, however, as his vice like jaws tore chunks from my leg before he turned once more on Tor Varg who came to my aid.

Nighthorse struck out, not in a way to deal damage but to gain the spirits ire and attention. He led it back towards the circle with taunts and horrible jokes and Tor Varg chased after.

“See us now, Spirit!” Tor said, enough to be above the rage of the spirit, “Look at what we do, we are not the ones that want to see you perish and be lost for eternity to the Wyrm, come back to us!”

I threw myself into the circle, for I could feel taint upon me and I felt dirty. I knew they too would all feel it but I knew Alligator Snapping Turtle would need to be held.

The spirits first claw reached the circle and roared in pain, “Traitors, all of you!” The Circle broke, though.

“Now!” Nighthorse called out.

Tor Varg shifted to Crinos and threw himself upon the spirit and it roared in anger and pain, as we all did. We also threw ourselves upon the spirit and we took each of his bites, rending our flesh to escape.

“Why do you do this! We must have our revenge for our fallen ones!” Alligator Snapping Turtle screamed, “It Burns within me!”

For every chunk torn from Tor, I healed him, for every clawed mark and take on Nighthorse, he pushed further.

“Return to us, Alligator Snapping Turtle!” I cried, “My heart aches to know of Middle Brother but they fight! They fight with us as we fight now, whole and true, as whole and true as you can be! Look into your heart! Know you are meant for Gaia, the Nation, your family!”

“What have they done!”

“The words that burned and spoke are not to you and yours alone, we all weep and mourn Incarna Turtle, help us bring him back!”



“Your rage and anger isn’t unjustified!” I said, “We all hurt and burn with rage! We miss those we cannot have back but you CAN!”

“NO, IT IS Not…”

“It is though…”

“Come back to us.”

“It’s so much-”

“Let me carry your pain. Let us carry your pain.”

“My pain.”


And somewhere, I sensed a change in him. His burdens were great and filled with so much sorrow but the hate had started to fade.

We lost the circle but we gained more, I beckoned for the spirit that had helped me earlier once more to help us with a circle. The ground lit like a holy beacon below us all.

Alligator Snapping Turtle roared in pain upon the cleansing light hitting him.

He burned. We all burned. His roars were deafening to our ears, I would have ripped them off had I not needed to hold the spirit down along with my brothers.

It was the longest minutes of our lives.

The spirit grew still and quiet below our bodies but we remained. Determination carrying us and the spirit.

The pain was intense, taking much of our own will to be but we remained, carrying his burdens now.

Only until the circle faded, did we stand but we remained, standing there at the sight before us.

There, revealed to us was Alligator Snapping Turtle, brought back from the Wyrm’s clutches, cleansed, solemn and looking at us. There were many changes of him, the blackness of his skin and shell remained, a reminder of what happened.

We brought ourselves to our knees before Alligator Snapping Turtle, lowering our heads to honor him.

“I was lost in darkness but now I am returned,” the Spirit said, “I see you three before me. You have come to aid one of us and now I am free of the corruption that blinded me.”

He looked at each of us before he looked upon myself.

“You have brought one, who makes an example to right the wrongs, who is not what others once were. You all have shown me a way.”

I looked upon the spirit and nodded, “Actions of ancestors do not define us as we are now, we seek unity and work to achieve the same goals, Honored Spirit. We sought to save what we can, you were first.”

“Tell me what you seek?”

“We sought to reclaim a home and to form a pack. Our goal was to find and cleanse one such as you and ask for patronage to be our Totem.”

Tor Varg looked to the spirit as well, “I wish to prove our differences and share many similar goals to these two.”

Nighthorse raised his head, “Bubba, I’m glad you can count that high. Oh and we will achieve our goals but we need our spiritual allies and friends from behind that can help that are long. Sorry not sorry.”

Tor Varg glanced sideways at Nighthorse.

Alligator Snapping Turtle looked us over once more. He gave Nighthorse a longer lingering glance, good thing he was Ragabash.

“I will patron as Totem to your pack.” He said. “Let those follow under one of the Brother Tribes and in due time my confidence may be earned to allow one to lead in their place.”

“I will lead as highest ranking.” I said.

“That’s what she said. Allegedly. And I’m Omega because I can and anyone who challenges me must play a trick on Vorg that includes a spoon, a turtle and take place on the four Monday of the month. Giggity”

Alligator Snapping Turtle looked long at Nighthorse once more, I think maybe, the spirit laughed inside, I don’t know, he is quite the grumpy one.

The spirit finally nodded and I rose, to perform the Rite to bind us all together.

“Upon the completion, we follow under Alligator Snapping Turtle as the Black Turtle Pack.” I said.

“And tacos. Not be confused with the one who Judges Tacos because that would be confusing and breaking the 4th wall. Giggity.” Nighthorse interjected.

So it is born through tradition, we celebrated our efforts and achievements….

...with tacos.

So ends my story.

Executioner's Resolve
Cursed by Flux
Galliard of the Nation
Adren of the Uktena
Alpha of the Black Turtle Pack
Member of the Sept of the Rising Moon