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Sic vis pacem, para bellum

Commonly Known Information

  • Name: Fox
  • Supernatural Type: Vampire/Nosferatu
  • Union: Mercenary Union


  • 4031 Born in the Verge to Military Parents
  • 4057 Embraced
  • 4082 Captured & Sold to a Prison Frieghter
  • 4109 Freed by the Unconquered Estate
  • 4110 Joins the Mercenary Union
  • 4117 Arrives on Anthony’s Hope


  • Fox was embraced after death
  • His name isn't really Fox; that's just a call-sign
  • Unlike most Vampires, he doesn't need a touchstone


  • "The only person I've met who...understands the feeling. Who embraces it. I just hope he doesn't go too far. I know my limits. Does he know his?" - Radam
  • "One wouldn't expect two so different people to have someon- so much in common." - Prin Dawnbright
  • "Effective." - Aiden
  • "uuuuUUUUuuuugh." - Faraday
  • "Fox sees everyone for who they are, and yet he still finds a way to pick someone up when they have nothing left and fills them with power. " - Diamond
  • "I'm further down that road than him. But he has more people in his corner than I ever did. I want him to come out the other side." - Magnus
  • "Quote here." - Name


  • “I am no hero. Merely a man who has seen and done and endured what can never be forgotten or forgiven.” - Magneto
  • "There are people out there who think I'm a monster. That I feed on the blood and the violence. They have it half right. I am a monster... but I don't feel a thing. It's my job. The role I've been given. The boogeyman." - Punisher
  • "They thought they were so clever. Turns out, mess with someone's head enough and you can turn a scared kid into an all powerful bitch." - Jacqueline Nought
  • "I've been compromised. I've got red on my ledger. Now I need to wipe it out." - Natalia Romanoff


OOC Information

  • Player: Chase Jennings
  • Player Email:
  • Storyteller: Kyle Broekers
  • Storyteller Email:
  • Location: Utopia IV