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Commonly Known Information

Name: Francesco Giovanni

Aliases: The Dragon's Head

Notable Traits: Francesco is a man of uncommon humanity among the Giovanni. Quick to make friends and ingratiate himself, Francesco eschews many of the more controversial stances of his clan in favor of working with other Kindred. He is said to be one of the greatest masters of the necromantic arts, and certainly seems knowledgeable on arcane matters.

Society: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni

Sire: Andreas Giovanni

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Hailing from a Milanese merchant arm of the Giovanni, Francesco is known as one of the clan's primary teachers of necromantic rites and rituals. Sad to have developed an extensive repetoire of arcane knowledge during the Enlightenment, there are few Kindred who show as much interest in the realm of the supernatural and spiritual as Francesco Giovanni.

Combined with that intterest is a keen, ruthless sense for business. It's said he's made deals with members of every sect of Kindred, but to Francesco the only ideal that matters is currency. His extensve contacts throughout the mortal world allow him to accomplish many tasks that others might find difficult. His word, once given, seems inviolate, but if those he partners with fail to uphold their end of an arrangement Francesco's wrath is boundless.


1635: Embraced by Andreas Giovanni
1700: Founds a facility in Milan to teach Necromancy to members of the Family.
1852: Disappears from Europe after a brief conflict with members of the Anarch Movement
2017-2018: Is seen again around Florence, Texas.
2018: Is made Don of the Family in Florence, Texas


  • I couldn't have heard right. He said there's ghosts the Giovanni don't control?
  • I think he was a priest back in the day. That's why he wears that red thing all the time, for sure.
  • Motherfucker looks sharp all the time. Definitely loaded.


"Perhaps the most honest Giovanni I have yet met." - Christopher Drake

OOC Information

Player: Monjoni Osso (US2016060037)

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Storyteller: Daniel Briscoe

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Location: Austin TX