Francis Miles O'Meara

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Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Francis Miles O'Meara
'Nickname: Uncle Frankie
Deed Name: Walker Between Worlds
Auspice: Philodox
Rank: Adren
Tribe: Fianna
Status: Truthcatcher of the Sept of Unearthed Silver
Pack: The Band
Sept: Sept of Unearthed Silver
Appearance:At first glance, Uncle Frankie appears to be a heavyset man in his early to mid fifties. He is bald and shaves his head but keeps a long, scraggly beard that's got faint traces of red now faded to grey. He tends towards informal dress; blue jeans or khakhis with t-shirts and heavy boots. Lately, he's been wearing the leather vest that Guy gave him upon joining the Band.




Notable Contributions




Known Associates

  • Bitty, "Little Bit of Trouble", former packmate



  • "He took in a confused and wounded wolf, showed her patience, and offered her shelter. What else do you need to know of his character?" - Ice Sky Dreams
  • "I like a wolf who ain't afraid to call me on my shit. Doesn't hurt that he sings like an angel."- Missy
  • * "Never seen a wolf who knows how to scold a door like this wolf does."- Ivan Munin


  • Uncle Frankie has a good singing voice

Character Playlist

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OOC Info

Player Contact: Mykle McGovern
VST Contact: Conor Sexton