Francisco Delgado

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Francisco "Frank" Delgado

Notable Traits: Iridescent scales on the chest and shoulders, clearly on a path

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gangrel- Coyote



Francisco- or "Frank," as his friends most often call him, is an initiate to the Camarilla of Denver. Abandoned at embrace for not inheriting the Protean discipline, he traveled from city to city, wilderness to wilderness, hoping to find some purpose or family. Living in many ways like the Caitiff he was assumed to be by his sire, Frank wandered dispossessed until he was taken in by the Camarilla of Denver, where he now seeks to prove himself among their ranks and learn the discipline he was mysteriously starved of. He hopes that, somehow, it will allow him to find full acceptance among his clan and help him feel whole again.


  • 1967- Born
  • 1972- Moved to South California from Mexico
  • 1984- Dropped out of High School (age 17)
  • 1988- Embraced by an unknown sire and promptly abandoned
  • 1988-1999- Location and activities unknown, undoubtedly left California
  • 1999- Moved to Denver to find sanctuary during the Rise of the Red Star
  • 2019- Formally acknowledged by the Camarilla


  • Why the hell didn't Frank inherit Protean? Such things aren't unheard of, but you think that there would be some sort of explanation. Is he a Caitiff? Or is the nature of vampirism more temperamental than we thought?
  • It's clear that Frank is on a path. He radiates a predatory energy. But is it Path of Feral Heart like he claims?
  • Frank uses Obfuscate to cover up his inhuman appearance a lot. Not unexpected for a City Gangrel, I suppose, but... Is anyone else suspicious of that?

OOC Information

Player: Brom Eccles

Player Email:

Storyteller: Raymond Bruels

Storyteller Email:

Location: Denver by Night Denver, CO